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Reasons Why Women Experience Low Female Libido

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Womens sexuality does not have the same progress as mens sex issues. The reason for this may be mans orgasm has been the center of appropriation and the second point is that the culture and tradition emphasizes greatly on mens ability. Around 46% of women in America alone have little or no sex satisfaction in their bedroom.

We all know that at some point of time sexual desire gets reduced or impaired. The reasons for this low female libido can be both physical and psychological. A group of psychological factors hampers the female libido. They are:

Suffered from sexual abuse in childhood
Any type of sexual assault or trauma from past relationships

The physical factors that results in low female libido are

Pregnancies and Childbirth
Endocrine problems
Decrease in sex hormones
Being over-weight

Why during pregnancies and childbirth women experiences low female libido?

During pregnancies and childbirth there is lot of fluctuations in hormones. Women those who are pregnant for the first time generally get scared or tensed. The trauma of labor pains or birth of the baby with C-section comes as a cessation for any sexual activity some for days. Due to breast feeding the estrogen hormone decreases leading to low female libido because of vaginal dryness. 

Lack of sleep and the stress of taking care of the baby just after the delivery lose interest of sex in mothers. 

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Why endocrine problems lead to low female libido?

It is a very well known fact that testosterone hormone plays an important part in the libido of both men and women. Testosterone in male are produced in the testes, while testosterone hormone in women is produced in the ovaries or the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are found just above the kidneys. Adrenal glands control the sexual maturity. Any problem in these glands results in low female libido.

Adrenal glands get destroyed because of some form of cancer or from infections. Some type of fungal infection too blocks the production of testosterone hormones in women. Endocrine problems should be categorically treated by doctor.

What happens during menopause that leads to low female libido?

Again the role of testosterone hormone comes into account. With the onset of natural or surgical menopause the testosterone hormone level in women drops. When this particular hormone level drops it triggers up a dip in sexual drive, sensation in clitoris decreases, orgasm is not achieved, pubic hairs decreases. All these problems lead to low female libido.

Vaginal dryness is another symptom that reduces the desire of sex. Vaginal dryness occurs with the onset of menopause.

Along with these physical factors, the psychological factor of sexual abuse in childhood results in low female libido. Women those who are sexually assaulted get afraid of sex. This trauma hampers their libido. For these types of women lot of love and affection is required from the partner to regain the confidence levels thus enhance the libido. If possible counseling can be the best to enhance low female libido in women who are sexually abused.

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