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How To Naturally Increase The Female Libido

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Sex is an important aspect of a couples relationship. Unfortunately, women often lack sex drive. Lack of sex drive or lack of female libido is hugely experienced by a majority of women, all over the world.

There could be many underlying reasons for the lack of female libido. The lack of desire or drive for sex could be due to psychological or physical reasons.

The psychological reasons behind the lack of female libido are; stress and an overload of work, depression, past sexual abuse, relationship problems with partner, anxiety, difficult and scarce living conditions, etc.

The physical conditions pertaining to lack of female libido are; alcohol addiction, drug abuse, anemia and weakness, diseases such as diabetes, side effects from certain prescribed drugs, hormonal changes and exhaustion after child birth, etc. 

When you experience lack of sexual interest, it is best not to ignore it. You could discuss your problem with your general physician and get his suggestions. Pharmaceutical companies have been researching for drugs that could turn women on. There has been some amount of success in this field.

However, what is also important is the understanding and support of the spouse or partner who can help defeat the particular problem by getting you exited and igniting your desire for sex once again. 

There are some natural herbs which have been proven to increase the female libido. They help in naturally increasing the pleasure of sex. 

Below mentioned are some such herbs and their role in increasing the female libido:

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Extracts from the herb called ginkgo biloba have been proved effective in patients suffering from sexual dysfunction. Its use and study showed improvement in orgasm, excitement and desire for sex.

Often referred to as natures viagra, arginine which is an amino acid is among the popular supplements used by both men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction. It helps make nitric acid in the body that relaxes the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow throughout the body including the sexual organs. Its use and study showed better clitoral sensation and improvement in orgasm.

Dong quai, also known as the womens herb, is a fragrant herb which grows in Japan, China and Korea. It is used for treating many gynecological complaints. Used as a blood tonic, it contains tannins and vitamins E, A and B12.

Ginseng, like arginine is believed to facilitate the discharge of nitric oxide in the blood vessels increasing blood flow to the clitoris which results in better orgasms. It is known to help the body in adapting to stress.

A hormone, DHEA, produced naturally by the adrenal glands is converted in the body to both male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen respectively. DHEA is thus helpful in uplifting the sex drive.

Older people often experience a natural decline in DHEA with age. Research has suggested that supplemental DHEA can also improve the libido in older men and women. However, it is essential to consult the physician before using DHEA supplements.

The above mentioned natural elements and herbs should be taken in the correct amount under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

As we know, low estrogen levels, poor blood circulation, stress and moods are the major causes of low female libido. The above mentioned herbs help in providing the correct hormonal balance, pump blood to the genitals and nourish the mind by providing sufficient oxygenated blood. They help in making the body more energized making sexual experience more enjoyable.

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