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Being a woman is difficult when you think about it. Only women can have children which really adversely effects the health of the female. 

This is something that many people simply do not understand. Sure, it is considered any honor to bring a child into the world but that is not the way it really is. 

The female goes through so many changes during this time that the body has a hard time keeping it up. They are looking at the body that they have and trying to understand how things can be when the time is right for them to have children. 

Well the stars may not all align when the time is right for the person and they should never consider it to be a poor fact that comes to the point of origin. 

The idea is that most of the women in the world have a strong desire to get pregnant and they do not want it to really mess up the things that happen. However, there is no true way to protect the body against such things. 

Then you must consider the fact that many people are unaware of the diseases or conditions that can strike only women. This is something that many people have considered to be a poor outcome for the female but that does not make it any less true. In all truth there is more diseases that effect only women then the men of the world. 

This means that you are in the desperate need of something that will really take on a whole new meaning. Protecting yourself against these diseases can be very difficult because of the fact that many of them have no known origin. 

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When the disease has no known cause then the doctors are kind of powerless to do anything about it. This leads to the problem of treatment because without a cause there is rarely a treatment that will bring them to the next level of being able to cure the problem. This is true of a serious illness known as endometriosis. 

This condition is one that is extremely painful and can be very down playing with the idea that the symptoms mirror other conditions. It is very difficult to diagnose this condition because of the fact that the symptoms are not always exclusive to the disease itself. 

When this disease strikes it is marked by extreme pain in the joints and shoulder areas of the body. When this happens the pain will continue to move throughout the body to make it all ache. 

However, when a person is looking for a way to make sure that things are going to be ok they are left with the fact that the doctors can not do a whole lot about it and they will often dismiss the disease as untreatable. 

In the recent years there have been several companies that have come up with certain treatments but they only have a success rate of about ten percent or less.

The other fact about endometriosis is the fact that it cause infertility in most of the women that it strikes. So you may have a woman that is looking to get pregnant and when the disease hits she is longer able. 

That is the common form of problem that comes with this disease. The illness itself is becoming more and more common and some public awareness has raised the bar when it comes to research.

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