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How Females Achieve Orgasm

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In the past, the subject of sex and orgasm was taboo so women had to keep their sexual problems secret.

In addition, there was only a limited source of information available on the subject so they are forced to endure a dull sex life for a long time.

But nowadays, this is no longer the case because the availability to information on the internet can help women from all backgrounds achieve great orgasms. Innumerable orgasm questions can be answered literally by clicking on a mouse.

What happens when you reach climax?

When a female becomes aroused sexually, her breathing quickens and heart beat will be faster. Usually, the muscles all over the body will tighten; her breast will become enlarged, the nipples will stand out, and she will be flushed on her face, neck, and chest.

Some had also observed that their clitoris has swelled during climax. So is this orgasm? Well, it is important to realize that technically, orgasm occurs when the muscles contract. But some women feel that they are having orgasms because of the intense feelings they are feeling even before then.

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Orgasms usually last for four seconds but it can reach up to fifteen seconds. Where do the multiple orgasm concepts everyone's been talking about enter into the picture? Orgasm can come in an interval of 0.8 seconds; so yes, multiple orgasms are possible.

Body's reaction to arousal

The secretion of body fluids will occur inside the vagina as well as the surrounding areas such as the opening. The labia will also become open and flatter; the vagina itself will widen and lengthen internally.

These external changes can be attributed to the rush of blood flow into the pelvic area which provides warmth to the female sexual area. As her arousal increase, the engorgements mentioned above will become more pronounced. But there is one area that does not follow these changes: the clitoris.

Instead of swelling, the clitoris will actually retract by around 50%. When it happens, it is a sign that orgasm is about to occur if stimulation does not stop. During the orgasm itself, the skin will flush even as the muscles keep on contracting.

Blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate will rise. Some female will make sounds of pleasure to reflect the feelings they are having.

What does an orgasm feel like?

Some people who had never experienced an actual orgasm inevitably try to find out what it feels like by asking others. However, despite the fact that talking about orgasm is no longer taboo, it is impossible to accurately describe the feeling.

You should imaging trying to explain how you feel when you yawn or sneeze; it difficult to describe, right? Even if you try your best to put it into words, the person you are explaining it to will simply not get it unless they experience it for themselves.

How the brain interprets orgasm is actually subjective. It is dependent on the individuals' way of thinking and perception. Women who have experienced orgasm have different explanations and descriptions of these feelings.

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