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The Reasons For Overwhelming Increase In The Low Female Libido Rates

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The definition of libido is sexual desire. It is a fact that female libido is quite complicated when compared to male libido. Womens libido varies at certain points in time. In this current decade we perceive an overwhelming increase in low female libido. 

There are many causes for this low female libido. The most common reasons are smoking, depression, pregnancy, birth control pills and menopause. The forthcoming paragraphs elaborate on how these above mentioned factors affect female libido.


Smoking is one of the main reasons for low female libido. Nicotine in cigarettes is the culprit for this. Effects of nicotine- 

It weakens the heart muscles and constricts blood vessels. As a result it restricts the flow of blood to the female genitalia which in turn affect the sexual arousal. 

Nicotine also leads to mental agitation and forbids sexual organs from producing lubricants. It gives severe pain during intercourse and so women lose interest in sex.

These are just a few examples of low female libido caused by smoking.


Usually at the stage of pregnancy woman have low libido. There are a lot of reasons behind this. Only a few are listed below-

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Women have fear of hurting the baby if she indulges in sex during pregnancy.
Out of anxiety pregnant women do not get aroused.
Changes in their body shape and size make them lose interest in sex.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy are other causes for loss of libido.
Insufficient lubrication is also another reason for losing interest in sex.
Presence of fetal movements prevents them from having sex.


Menopause is the end of female fertility and menstruation. Women face a lot of changes in their lives during this stage. One among the major changes in this stage is low female libido. It occurs due to drastic declaim of estrogen; with the result secretion of lubricants becomes less in the vagina. Most of the women get pain during intercourse, which leads to low female libido. 

Birth control pill:

Women with hyper sexual feelings use birth control pills very often in order to avoid unexpected pregnancy. The sad part is they are not aware that it would reduce lubrication and gives pain in the vagina during intercourse. The result leads to low female libido.


It is a fact that any one in depression will not get sexual feelings. Depression also leads to lack of lubrication. Women are more responsible towards family than men and so their moods vary from time to time. Men should understand their moods and approach for sex accordingly. 

Men should not force their women when they are in a depressed state, because it would increase their depression.

Instead men can suggest that their women use some libido enhancing cream to stimulate their sexual feelings. At the same time they are not supposed to force their women if they dont want to use such creams.

From this we can understand that inadequate lubrication and the vaginal pain is the root cause for the lack of female libido problems. Apart from these above mentioned reasons there are more than 70 causes which are also the reasons for an overwhelming increase in low female libido rates.

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