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5 Reasons For Female Libido Loss

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Libido loss in both men and women brings in emotional upsets. Not only this much, the current and future relationships gets severely affected from loss of libido. Hundreds and thousands of women face the problem of female libido loss at some point of time in their life.

The reason for libido loss in men and women is many. Let us know the 5 main reasons for female libido loss in women:

Reason # 1 Change in hormones affects the libido

A hormonal imbalance is one of reasons for female libido loss among women. Sexual drive reduces automatically as the estrogen level drops. The estrogen level may drop for many reasons such as medication, menopause, or even from the side effects of contraception products.

Reason # 2 Pregnancies and Post Pregnancy Issues 

Pregnancies and post pregnancy creates severe impact on female libido. During pregnancy women normally does not feel comfortable to have sex. Pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue dampen the sex drive thus resulting female libido loss.

During pregnancies and after the birth of baby brings in sever hormonal imbalances too. 

Reason # 3 Ages 

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Women basically go through many changes with age. Progesterone hormone decreases with age. This creates dryness in vaginal area as the blood flow in this area decreases. The act of sex becomes painful for many. Women tend to avoid sex and start to lose interest in sex.

Reason # 4 Stresses

Stress in life of women is a major reason for female libido loss. Work and family becomes the top priority for many. In this cache they forget about their sexual needs. They in fact find no time to have sex. 

As stress increases if it is not treated in proper time then it takes the form of depression. As the situation deepens sexual health in women automatically decreases.

Reason # 5 Poor nutrition and obesity in women

It is seen that obese women suffer from the problem of low libido. The physical conditions that exist being overweight also worsen up the matter. The blood vessels in the clitoris get blocked up as the blood flow lessens down. This whole situation creates female libido loss. 

SHBG (short for sex hormone binding globulin) the natural chemical level increases as the body fat increases. The sex hormone testosterone get binds up gradually, this phenomena lessens up sexual desire.

These are the reasons for female libido loss; however with proper care low libido problem can be solved. You can take the help of your health care provider, talk about your sex drive with him/her and take necessary steps to boost it up.

You can also take up the help of libido enhancers. These enhancers with proper use will definitely boost up your sex drive and you will revive from the problem of female libido loss.

Never ignore the problem of libido, before it starts to spoil your special relationships it is always wise to take proper action to treat the problem carefully.

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