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Pain During Intercourse

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There are many women that may suffer with pain during intercourse but they are afraid to discuss it with their partner or a doctor.

Women tend to get embarrassed when the subject of their body comes into play.

They like to keep that area private and find it embarrassing to discuss problems about their sex life.

They may be afraid that if they're experiencing pain during intercourse that there is something seriously wrong which is something they do not want to hear about. Many women do not realize that pain during intercourse does not necessarily mean there is something seriously wrong.

Pain during intercourse could be caused for many different reasons. One reason could be that perhaps the woman just got over having her monthly period. Maybe she uses tampons when she has her monthly cycle. Sometimes a woman can irritate the inside of her vagina when using tampons on days where she has light flow.

She can irritate the inside walls of her vagina when she removes the tampon causing a "brush burn" so to speak. So when she tries to have intercourse she may experience pain until that area has had a chance to heal.

If this is the case then the woman needs to use tampons on her heavier flow days rather than her light flow days. This way she can avoid getting irritated and having pain during intercourse when it is not necessary.

Another reason that can cause a woman pain during intercourse could be from having sex to frequently. Perhaps she is not lubricated enough when having sexual intercourse.

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This can cause the inside of her vaginal walls to become irritated when repeatedly having intercourse. Or perhaps her partner accidentally scratched her inside during foreplay.

Either way, both of these issues can be resolved very easily at home without the advice of a medical doctor. It is best to let the area heal completely before engaging in sexual acts.

If you find that you do not have time to let everything heal completely, you may need to use some extra lubricant until the area is completely healed. Keep in mind the above-mentioned scenarios may not be what is causing your pain during intercourse.

If you find that you have an itching or a foul odor coming from the area then you definitely need to seek the advice of your gynecologist to see if you have some sort of infection.

Women can get a yeast infection from taking antibiotics and this can cause a woman to have pain during intercourse as well as having an itching feeling or a burning feeling and sometimes a foul odor with the discharge.

Talk with your doctor if the problem is something that you cannot fix on your own. Your doctor will do some tests to determine what exactly is going on and if you have any type of infection. You will then be given a prescription for medication to take or possibly a cream to insert to help clear up the situation.

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