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Understanding Low Female Libido After Childbirth

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Childbirth is definitely the most beautiful thing that happens in the life of a couple. It is the time when couples rejoice and the bonding deepens. However, something that takes a back seat in every woman’s life is libido. After childbirth, most of the women experience low female libido.

There are lots of reasons contributing to low libido condition. Both physical and emotional aspects of life contribute in lowering the sex drive in females after they become mother. Let us understand the various reasons of lowered libido in women after childbirth.

Firstly let us understand the physical aspects that bring about many changes in a woman’s sex drive. During pregnancy, there are lots of hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body. Some also experience, high libido during pregnancy.

Immediately after the childbirth, these hormones start settling and the body gets back to normal. It could be one of the reasons of low female libido. One can experience drastic difference in sexual desire during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Hormones are one of the major contents of sexual desire.

One of the most important aspects is the physical stress that a woman has to undergo after delivering a child. The body gets exhausted in both C-section as well as vaginal deliveries. The nerves get damaged causing a lot of irritation. Similarly due to muscle stretching the body gets stressed out.

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Mother’s body takes some time to heal. This is also called as waiting period in medical science. It is always better to consult a doctor and understand more about waiting time. Stress and anxiety after childbirth contributes significantly in low female libido.

Emotional aspect of low sex drive mainly includes the mental stress that a woman undergoes after the child is born. It becomes important for a couple to understand that now they have become parents. Life changes enormously and it takes some time to change. Women seek lot of attention since she has given birth to the child.

Low self esteem is another major psychological reason for low female libido. A woman feels that her slim body before pregnancy will never return. It makes her feel that she will now be less desirable by her partner. She feels that she will not look that appealing, sexy and vibrant as earlier. Overall, the self esteem lowers drastically.

Nursing mothers get exhausted and look for support. There are phases of depression that a woman may experience. Men need to be more patient and supportive. On the contrary women also need to understand the new life and not neglect men.

Men can support women in their household chores. They can also take care of the baby in turns. Women should also develop a lot of patience and love for their husbands. A lot of encouragement from your partner can actually make it all very simple.

Low female libido isn’t a major problem. Couples need to take advice of the physician and understand the entire process of becoming a parent. The baby depends on both mother and father. It is therefore extremely important to show that care and love. Developing that bond between the couples will always create a harmonious and a happy family.

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