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Low Female Libido – Causes And Treatments

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Libido, in simple terms means sexual drive. It is common in both men and women. Studies have proved that low libido is more in women. It is noticed that most of the women experience decreased sex drive at some point of time. There are various reasons for low female libido. Many female libido enhancers have been introduced in the recent years for those women suffering from low libido.

Causes of low female libido:-

The most common causes of low female libido are smoking, alcohol consumption, depression, age, stress, anxiety, diabetes, anemia, cancer, hormonal changes and many others. It is seen that most of the women experience low libido during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause and also after child birth.

Women’s sexual desire will also decrease when there is a fight or misunderstanding between the partners and also due to lack of privacy. Another cause is lack of sleep.

Symptoms of low female libido:-

The common symptoms of low libido in women are avoiding her partner, staying alone, pretending as if she is busy with work, fighting with the partner and many others.

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Treatment for low female libido:-

The best treatment for low female libido is counseling. Most women suffer from this problem due to family problems and work stress. A proper counseling has to be given to these women in order to increase their sexual desire. There are many hormonal supplements and therapies that are used to treat this problem. The best treatment is to spend time along with your partner to discuss the problems and feelings. This would help in increasing the sexual desire between the two.

How to enhance female libido:-

A woman having low libido should quit smoking, stop consuming alcohol and other drugs, reduce stress and should learn to control anger. Drinking milk and consuming food sources rich in proteins and essential vitamins will also enhance libido in women. There are many capsules available in the markets that help in enhancing the female libido. Food items such as coffee, chocolate and oysters also help to boost the sexual drive in most women.

Hormonal supplements to increase sexual desire:-

In recent days, several drugs, pills, gels and creams have been introduced to enhance female libido. These enhancers will increase the level of testosterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for sexual desire and therefore stimulation of this hormone would result in high libido in women. Exercising daily will increase the sexual desire in both men and women.

Low female libido is just a temporary problem. Few women get over this problem by themselves and for others, counseling session and few treatments are required. They can also opt for the best hormonal supplements and female libido enhancers to increase their desire towards sex.

There are many female libido enhancers available for sale. We can find them by browsing over the internet. There are many websites providing details about the causes and remedies for low female libido. One can follow the instructions provided and can purchase those enhancers to increase their sexual desire. They are available at cheap rates and therefore you can order them online.

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