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Low Female Libido Can Be Avoided With Self Awareness And Willingness To Learn

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The word libido means sexual desire or sex drive. The problem of low libido is found in both female and male but it happens more in case of women. Low female libido causes less desire for sex. The woman with higher libido always performs a great sex act.

Now in the recent survey it has been found out that mostly for the women of age ranging from 18 to 59 the most common problem is low desire for sex, which is caused because of having low libido.

Reasons for low libido caused in female

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  • Monthly periods can also be a reason for low libido.
  • This may also occur because of changes in hormones like because of pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding can also be a reason for low female libido.
  • Many women lose their interest in sex after they gave birth to a baby, as they get too exhausted to have sex.
  • Low libido can also cause because of excessive consumption of alcohol or taking illegal drugs.
  • Deficiency of iron in women can also cause low libido.
  • In any sexual act emotion plays a very vital and crucial role. When any women or lady is emotionally deprived then it causes low sexual desires.
  • Low libido can also cause because of overwork, anxiety and stress.
  • Any kind of abnormalities in hormone can be a reason for low libido.
  • Using drugs in order to reduce tension or anxiety can be a reason for low sexual desire, reducing the libido.
  • Due to rape or any other poor sexual treatment can be a reason for decrease in libido
  • It may also happen that as because the life partner is having low libido, it may turn to you and you will lose interest in sex.

Low female libido varies from person to person and age to age.

Due to inadequate sexual knowledge and sexual performance, women always tends to lose interest sexual performance and this leads to low sexual desire and results in low libido. Women always find all kind of faults in their bodies and they have been always brought up to care less about their feelings.

The main reason for low libido caused in female is because of unhealthy attitude towards sex and guilt. There are many cases where a woman ends a relation, even with their perfect match, when they sexually feel incompetent as because her libido drops.

In general when a woman becomes bored, unappealing or disinterested in their sexual relationship, it’s because they go through a low libido. To increase low female libido they start another new relationship, but this causes temporary solution for a permanent cause.


In order to solve the low libido problem in female, it takes only things. One is to eagerness to learn and the other is self awareness. So as to end the problem of low female libido one must have a positive attitude towards sex.

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