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Low Female Libido Causes – Physical And Psychological Issues After Childbirth

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Female sensation about sex is an intricate blend of touching and bodily motivation and the low female libido causes may be the due to this impulse that are affected by the teachings from the religion and culture bombarded on a female during her childhood. To enjoy a libido a woman needs to get out from these preconceived notions about sex and beauty but learn what is best and pleasing for you and find something emotionally and physically.

Low female libido causes occur, when a female gets an intuition that her libido is not as fulfilling as it can be.

This female sexual dysfunction can be due to:

  • The woman does not get aroused or when she is roused there is dryness in the vaginal passage.
  • She cannot experience an orgasm.
  • Might find libido difficult, painful or physically irritating.
  • Her concentration in libido does not go well with her partner or she has lost interest in sex.
  • She does not feel sensitively near to her spouse or she has lost her faith in her partner.

Thus there may be numerous reasons either physical or psychological because of, which a female lacks her response and fails to acquire her content moments of her sex life. It is important and significant information that the low female libido causes are due to childbirths, medications, illnesses, hormonal imbalance and aging is sure to affect many females’ desires. Research is being carried out in these areas and in this article we will consider one of its aspects and that is low sex desire after childbirth.

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Lack of sex yearning after childbirth

After marriage there is an addition into their lives and this child brings a very delightful moment and also some obstacles and stress that comes between relationships. These psychological and physiological complications often causes a set back in the lack of libido after childbirth even though the female was eager in having libido before bearing children.

Physical factors after childbirth:

The pregnancy and lactation has caused a great disturbance with the hormones in a female and she has not returned back to the pre-pregnancy levels even after the birth. Hormones are significant factor of common sexual response. The low level of estrogens and DHEA can add significantly to low female libido causes.

Both types of deliveries vaginal deliveries and the C-sections could create a stress on various parts of the female body and cause damage to some nerves, stretching of nerves or causing an irritation. Several of the symptoms diminish after some time but the ones that remain may cause a problem.

Psychological issues after childbirth:

Psychological factors include exhaustion. After giving birth to a child may make you seem conscious about your body. Now, that you have become a parent the spontaneous sexual desire will twist and parents will have to make sexual opportunities. The feeling of responsibility has filled the space, which allowed for them to have sex is torn apart.

Low female libido causes due to child afterbirth can be retrieved with the help of a doctor and also the female’s husband, so that they can integrate together and overcome this barrier very easily and hence can have a very happy married life.

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