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Common Causes Of Low Female Libido

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Low female libido is a universal problem faced by women, whose age is 24 to 60. Current study has indicated that 45% of women have reported to have a loss of sexual desire. Modern women are facing conditions that tend to restrain their sex drive. Below are given some common causes of low libido in women and some basic changes that can help to improve their libido.

Sources of Low female libido are:

  • Prescribed drug side-effects
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Problems in their relationship
  • Diabetes or any other diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Drug abuse
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Living conditions

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Besides these common grounds many women complain about their failure of interest in libido. Today’s modern women are playing several roles in their family and this frequently leads to an overpowering sense of responsibility.

You cannot expect a woman to be in her best moods, when her children are irritating her about their schoolwork, the clothes are still to be washed, house to be cleaned and dinner is till not on the table. Thus you will have to realize that a woman’s role in her family is tremendously difficult. No wonder that sex is not the initial thing in her mind.

How to face this problem?

Today, we breathe in a demanding world and at times we get caught up in putting other people’s needs first and ignore our personal requirements. To lessen the anxiety and stress of your life, it is essential that every day you allocate some of your time to take care of your individual needs and desires.

This means that every morning you can read newspaper enjoying a cup of tea as well as view the sunrise leisurely. Talk and sort out your issues with your family and they may give you a little downtime daily, when you come home from work. You can meditate for a short time or you can also go for a brisk walk or do any thing you find interesting. Thus women can take time to pamper themselves by going to a beauty or massage parlor.

You can also make use of female libido enhancement products. Several women just need a kick-start to get their libido back on its track. Currently, libido enhancement medications are called as a lifesaver for every woman facing it. Some of the issues faced in low female libido may be due to having dryness in the vagina, which is a common problem.

This is the reason that a female feels severe pain during their intercourse thus causing a woman uneasy during their sexual relations. These females feel very shy or embarrassed to admit this situation. If you feel ashamed to buy enhancement products over the counter, you can easily get them accessed from the internet.

However, the most important fact is that the woman must get the accurate product necessary. All the low female libido enhancement products that are bought must be approved by food and drug administration. This helps a woman to feel safe by using these products.

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