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Know More About Low Female Libido Causes

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Low Female Libido is a term which means that the female has low sexual urge. A desire of a woman varies over the existence. Women do not feel secure talking about their misbalanced sexual life instead, they get nervous and distress to talk about their unsatisfied sexual relations. Due to lack of interest in spouse can make them feel detested and may cause indictment of betrayal.

Low Female Libido might have ample of causes. It is significant to concentrate on all the aspects of woman’s sexual issues. It is very common in women to have low sexual desire. Sex is a bodily utility which makes one feel alive and imperative. A diminished sexual desire in woman may cause several health issues also like depression or anxiety, anaemia, diabetes, etc.


There could be several reasons for lack of sex drive in women. The reasons are as follows:

Hormonal Changes or Imbalance - Hormonal changes may amend your sex aspirations. This may occur due to:

  • Pregnancy & breast feeding - During pregnancy, giving a birth & breast-feeding, hormone changes occur which may affects the closeness in relationship. Hormonal changes are not the only factor; it could be the pressure of taking care and carry a new born due to which mother faces exhaustion.
  • Menopause - During menopause, the estrogens’ level drops. This may diminish the interest in sex. It also dries the vaginal tissues. It results in agonizing and scratchy intercourse. Even though, some women continue to have satisfying intercourse during menopause.

Psychological Causes - There are many low female libido causes such as:

  • Stress,
  • Deprived body picture,
  • Low self-esteem, etc.

Correlation Issues - Many women think that emotional closeness is necessary to have sexual imminence. So, the coldness in the relationship could be one of the reasons for lack in sex drive. Due to low sex constrain, issues may rise between the partners for instance:

  • Lack of connectivity with spouse,
  • Vague fights,
  • Violation of trust, etc.

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Physical Causes - Due to illness, physical changes and medications can cause a low female libido together with:

  • Struggle in sex,
  • Medical sickness,
  • medication,
  • Alcohol and drugs,
  • Surgery,
  • Exhaustion etc.

Symptoms and Complications for Low Female Libido

  • Short of sexual aspiration,
  • Failure to accomplish an orgasm,
  • Agonizing and distress,
  • Sensitivity of fright or rage towards their partners, etc.

What ought a woman to do about low female libido?

There are specific cure for Low Female Libido such as:

Conventional Cure

  • Libido Enhancing Drugs helps the woman to get cured from vaginal dryness & discomfort. The treatment will boost the blood flow to the vagina which will amplify the lubrication and calm down the vaginal muscles.
  • The hormonal replacement treatment replaces hormones which a woman does not able to produce.

Natural Treatments for Low Libido - low female libido causes can naturally be treated a low libido by introducing a arrangement:

  • Regular Exercise,
  • Estrogenic foodstuff,
  • Visit to a sex therapist,
  • Free time,
  • Relaxing hobbies, etc.

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