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Low Female Libido - A Common Problem In Women

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Low Female Libido refers to the lack of sexual desire in women due to various reasons. Libido deficiency is rare in men whereas it is highly common in women. Fortunately this is not a permanent problem and is easily curable also. Though the problem is physical, it also affects the mental desire due to deficiency of hormones.

There are many results to this problem. Some come out of the problem naturally by themselves. This may be possible in case the problem just prolonged depression. Some women go for therapies and exercise to cure the problem, while some consider it as their nature and neglect this not giving much thought to it.

What are the causes of low female libido?

This is caused mainly due to Iron deficiency and that is why it is more common in women. Women are likely to lose more iron than men due to their menstrual cycles.

It may also be a by-effect of major diseases such as Diabetes or other problems such as Alcoholism and Drug abuse.

Common causes to this are post-baby changes in the system of women. As the experts have termed it, ‘Post-baby coolness’ refers to the temporary calmness towards sexual intercourse. This may be prolonged and result in lack of libido. Drugs and tranquilizers are also a probable cause of Low Female Libido.

Hyperprolactinaemia – a medical abnormality which results in the over activity of the pituitary gland could also be a probable cause of this problem.

Many people wrongly assume menopause as a cause for Low Female Libido. This is completely a wrong assumption and in many cases the situation has been contrary to this misassumption in reality.

Psychological causes also result in Libido deficiency. Common psychological problems that cause libido deficiency include depression, stress, overwork, anxiety, and difficult living conditions, some serious problems with your partner, and also serious sexual harassment in the past.

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What is the cure for Low Female Libido?

Some basic solutions for this problem include testosterone, suction vibrators, desire cream and Erection drugs.

Testosterone: Male hormone testosterone is long been used as a cure for libido deficiency by a number of people though its efficiency and reliability are not yet proven. Some buy it online and use without consulting the experts which is not at all recommended.

Suction vibrators: There are many such devices available in the market now-a-days. Since the non-suction vibrators which came previously proved to be efficient these suction vibrators are believed to be a cure.

Desire cream: This product is believed to be an efficient cure of low libido levels. It produces a sensation that solves the Low Female Libido problem.

Erection drugs: These drugs have not been yet proven to be effective for libido deficiency problem.

There are many herbs and chemical supplements that help cure the lack of libido problem in addition to the above mentioned drugs.

The Low Female Libido problem has cure and most women who had this problem have returned back to normal condition. So the concerned individual need not be too concerned about this problem as there are cures readily available.

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