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Low Female Libido Remedies At A Glance

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Libido is a sexual dysfunction that is predominant in women. It comes as high and low dysfunction where in high libido cases, the women would have an excessive urge for sex and in case of low libido issues the women struggle to achieve sexual drive or orgasm. There are certain low female libido remedies for this libido problem which is briefed below.

Chinese herbs as low female libido remedies

DHEA is the abbreviation of dehydroepiandosterone hormone which is naturally generated in the adrenal glands. This hormone is then converted into the human body as oestrogen and testosterone. As age increases, the level of this adrenaline hormone decreases gradually.

Ginkgo bioba is a traditional Chinese herb which gives the medicine to correct this disorder and ideal for low female libido remedies. It is mainly used to treat the disorders related to respiration and blood circulation. However, in this case, it retains the urge for sex.

Low female libido remedies given by Mayan herbs

L – Arginine is a very vital amino acid that plays a major role in the human body. Blood cells and vessels are relaxed with the help of nicotine that is produced by this L – Arginine. L – Arginine is basically a mixture of components and it plays a major role in helping the low female libido remedies.

Yohimbe is an herb whose bark is extracted to treat the cause of this libido problem. It suppresses the sexual dysfunction in women and spurs the urge in them. These herbs are also used by Mayan people extensively to get over the troubles of sexual problems.

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Turnera Diffusa is the scientific name given for Damiana which is an herb that is made use by the Mayan people who belong to Central America to overcome the problem of low female libido. Though people from different places used different medicines, their properties are more or less the same.

Anti depressants and Counselling - a synonym of low female libido remedies

Allopathic doctors also prescribe antibiotics such as Prozax and Sarafarem to cure this low female libido problems. Also, necessary doses of Paxil and Pexeva are used to cause a necessary relief. The lower sex drives are improved to obtain the desired results.

Counselling is also done by doctors and shrinks to ease their tensions and nervousness regarding their sexual troubles. They are educated regarding the techniques and procedures they have to follow to have a better sexual life.

Low female libido remedies also given by Hormone Therapies

The Oestrogen hormone is driven to the entire body either by pills or gel and they tend to give a positive impact on the patients. A proper blood flow is achieved mainly in vagina and clitoris region and hence proper urge for sex is attained. This is a mode of low female libido remedies.

Female sexual habits are controlled by testosterone to some extent. Though injecting testosterone into women’s body is a little controversial, it is not generally followed in most of the cases unless the situation is very critical. It might result in acne or hormonal imbalances when not supervised properly.

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