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Low Female Libido Causes Are Mainly Physical Or Psychological

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Modern woman has worked hard to keep pace with the great dynamicity of the present era. Every sector is dependent, for its development, on the efficient contribution of woman for it. Obviously things have never been so fine, so agile, and so active. What about all the ill consequences of this hectic lifestyle, on their health, and psychological well being? Does this race to maintain pace with today’s lifestyle needs a woman’s health and ultimately her womanhood at sake?

Researchers have reveled and accused only the psychological and physical factors as the leads for low female libido causes. One of these two or sometimes both can diminish a woman’s sex drive, can undo their waves, and ultimately lead to great strains in her relationship with the soul mate.

A bad time or an ill psychological state of a woman can very easily drive her away from any interest in love making. She won’t participate, won’t surrender, and won’t show any excitement if she is coping up with any psychological issue.

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Overwork, depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, traumatic incidences or sexual abuses in her past, and innumerable more of such factors can adversely affect a female’s sex drive. Studies have also revealed homosexuality or lesbianism in many women too as one of the low female libido causes.

However, the greatest of all psychological causes that can hinder her sexual drive is a serious strain in her relationship. While a male can show interest in having sex even if both the partners are having a tough session in their relationship, a woman will generally never agree to it or show any interest in such a scenario. But again, the modern time has solutions to it even. There are the relationship counselors, online forums for supports, and many more such ways out to look for, after you both have tried enough to solve the issues mutually.

Undoubtedly the psychological factors or low female libido causes are many. However, equally or sometimes even more potential are the physical causes for low libido in them. Among those the most common hindrances are obesity, vaginal dryness, imbalances in hormones, drug abuse, alcoholism, surgeries, diabetes and other such non sexual diseases, pregnancy or lactation session, and anemia. High blood pressure, arthritis, neurological diseases and coronary artery diseases also hampers your libido. It may shock many to know that even prescription medications like antidepressants, anti seizure etc. also have great adverse effect on a woman’s sex drive.

Although there are innumerable low female libido causes, there has never been a lack of ways to control them and boost up your libido to a potential limit. Nature, science, efforts of the researchers and scientists has furnished today numerous effective, potential ways out for female libido enhancement. Irrespective of the cause that has hindered your sexual drive and have been ruining your relationship, you can always go for one of the many effective female libido enhancement ways to put an end to your ‘no sex’ gestures, and boost up the intimacy, pleasure and fun in your relationship.

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