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Female Libido Exercises To Enjoy A Healthy Sex Life

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Studies have revealed that regular workouts of any form play a significant role towards enhancing sex drives in men and woman. Here are a few workout tips and pointers that will heighten your sexual experience with your partners.

Regular workouts

It is important to follow a regular workout regimen in spite of your busy schedule. Early morning jogs or walks can be a very good female libido exercise for the body. Exercises help to improve the blood flow and energy levels of the body which greatly enhances the desire for sex.

Woman can also try out other cardio workouts such as biking, swimming, aerobics or other sporting activities that will enhance libido. Adhering to regular workouts makes you grow in confidence and also helps to keep you in shape. Good confidence is one of the best mood enhancers in a thriving sexual relationship.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises help to heighten sexual functioning in both men and women. This exercise is performed by restricting and releasing the flow of urine while urinating. Tighten the muscles around your groin for 5 seconds and then again loosen to release the flow of urine. Repeat this cycle until you finish urinating. The woman has to follow the start-stop method of urination and it can be practiced several times everyday over the course of a month or less. This exercise helps to improve the strength of the muscles around the pelvic floor area leading to heightened sensations of sexual pleasure. It also reduces vaginal discomfort experienced by a lot of women during intercourse.

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Yoga is great exercise alternative that helps to improve your sexual drive. There are various yoga routines that can be used to stimulate your pelvic region. These yoga positions help in improving the flow of blood in the groin areas of the body. Yoga also helps to harness the flow of energy throughout the body. These yoga exercises help to increase sexual desire in women.

There are many yoga positions that a woman could practice on a regular basis. These include the butterfly, warrior, upward facing dog, and locust positions just to name a few. The Locust position particularly is a good female libido exercise.

You have to lie on her stomach with the arms at her sides. Now slowly raise your head, upper torso and legs in a gentle manner. Your arms at this point will be parallel to the surface and your body would be resting on your abdomen and lower rib cage. This yoga exercise helps to generate good blood flow to your pelvic region. Stay on this position for as long as you can and follow this female libido exercise regularly.

People looking for more enhanced sexual satisfaction can also try out the benefits of Tantric yoga.

Strength training

Strength training is a useful female libido exercise which will improve your stamina during intercourse. Light weight lifting exercises accompanied by aerobics and abs training can do wonders to your body and confidence. Make sure to follow strength routines that cover all regions of your body.

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