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Low Female Libido Remedies To Give A New Lease Of Life To Relationships

In a hurry to enhance your libido?
Top Female Libido Enhancer Pills
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Lack of sex drive or lack of libido is very much common in women. It is rare in males as they are active partner and more in females as they are passive partners in sexual intercourse. There are many reasons behind lack of libido ranging from physical to psychological factors.

Relationship status also affects a lot in normal sexual drive. Lack of libido sometimes results divorce. Hence Solution for it is very important and necessary. One can follow the below written solution to increase the libido. Solutions are categorised into following branches according to the pathy used to treat it.

Home remedies

  • Eating 2-3 Garlic cloves and white onions will help you in increasing sexual drive. Both of them give strength to the reproductive system.
  • Jasmine oil helps in balancing the levels of various hormones as it helps in lowering down the blood pressure and increase the gloominess. Hence try to do massage with jasmine oil daily.
  • Sensually touch your whole body. It will wake up all the senses. For this tantric sex massage both the partner have to be without the clothes and may use the oil or lubricants. It is not the intercourse.
  • Females need to eat raw oyster, it is very good for increasing libido.
  • Avocados have folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium as its constituents. Hence adding avocados to your daily diet will help you in increasing libido.
  • Asparagus contains high amount vitamin E which enhances the production of the sex hormones. It affects faster, effectively and gives positive results.
  • Built a habit for eating one banana everyday as they are rich source of potassium and vitamin B. Both of them help in production of sex hormones and testosterone. They even help in increasing the energy.
  • Androsterone is an odourless hormone. It is released in male perspiration and it arouses the drive for the sex in female.
  • Having the eggs in the breakfast every morning. Actually vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 are the main constituents of egg. Both of them help in fighting with the stress level. An egg also keeps the level of hormones normal which are very essential for healthy sexual life.

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Herbal remedies

Following herbal treatments will defiantly help the women to increase libido:

  • Ashwaghanda helps in increasing the sexual energy especially in females. Even in males it increases the volume of semen and even helps in treating the impotency and infertility.
  • Ginkgo biloba gives positive results in following four responses of sexual cycle:-

a) Desire for coition

b) Excitement in sex and lubrication

c) Orgasms important in sex

d) Resolution which comes as afterglow.

Allopathic treatment

There are lots of Low female libido remedies available in the market but avoiding the medicines like hormonal contraceptive, SSRIs, anti depression, anti seizure, opioids, anti psychotic and beta blockers help in prevention of lack of libido.

Medicines containing testosterone as one of the constituent will help in controlling lack of libido.

Homoeopathic Low female libido remedies

Well homoeopathically medicines are chosen on the basis of constitution of patient. Yet medicines like veratum album, stramonium opium, murex, etc. proves best in cases of low libido.

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