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Understanding Low Female Libido Causes To Avoid Them

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Women usually have lesser drive for sex as compared to men. As per the estimation of American Medical Association, millions of women in USA are suffering from this problem of sexual arousal disorder, which is also called FSAD. The present scenario is still worse where doctors estimate that FSAD is about 43 per cent among women.

Even in UK women complain about very low interest in sex. As per the current estimation thousands of women in UK are suffering from low sex drive.

However, after research it has been found that these women suffering from low libido has no problem in having orgasm. In fact these women do not have any desire for sex in their mind and it is difficult to turn them on for love making. Nevertheless, it has been found that this lack of interest in sex is temporary. There are many different low female libido causes that we shall discuss in this article.

Some of the problems of low sex drive will get cured by itself and few other causes can be handled with expert psychological and medical advice. Many women however do not like to go back to the life where sexual desire is too high and they are quite contended with life without lust.

Now, let us look at the low female libido causes among women of present generation. Lack of desire for sex in women may be either psychological or physical. It also happens with men.

Psychological causes for low libido is very common among women. It is very obvious when women are going through emotional stress they will lose total interest in sex. The following are few psychological causes of low sex drive among women:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress and overwork
  • Rape or past sexual abuse
  • Childhood hang ups
  • Problem in relationship with the sexual partner
  • Latent lesbianism
  • Problem in living conditions for instance sharing the living place with parent-in-law etc.

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Following are few physical low female libido causes

  • Alcoholism and Drug abuse
  • Anemia due to which there is lots of iron loss in the body.
  • Diabetes or any other major disease.
  • After childbirth women develop casual approach towards sex. Sometimes, it is also due to hormonal changes, which takes place during this time.
  • Trauma suffered during childbirth also keeps many women away from sex
  • Use of drugs and tranquillizers
  • Hyperprolactinaemia - It is a kind of disorder among women

Menopause has not been deliberately mentioned as one of the physical causes as it has been observed in many women that sexual drive in fact increases after menopause.

How can women get rid of various low female libido causes? The solution is simple, women must visit any GP-specialist and discuss about their problem in detail. Other alternate could be to visit family planning clinic, where women doctors are regularly handling such cases.

In case women are suffering from psychological or emotional stress then they need to visit psychologists, as they are more experienced in handling these cases.

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