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Various Reasons That Causes Low Sexual Libido

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There are many low female libido causes and in this article, we shall briefly mention some of them. Stress is one of the main reasons that cause low sexual desire in women. Mental and physical stress majorly impacts your sexual desire and thus needs to be worked upon. They will repulse any sexual move from their partner in such state of mind.

Menopause and other issues are other low female libido causes, which is mainly caused due to aging factor and excessive stress. During this stage, the hormone level among the women drop considerably and thus they are totally disinterested in having sexual activities. During this stage there is too inadequate estrogen production, which is mainly responsible for low sex drive. It also causes vaginal dryness.

Physiological reasons:

One of the main low female libido causes is due to physiological factors which happen due to various diseases. Ovary cancer & endometrium are few other indirect reasons for lower sex drive among women. Sometimes, severe medications also cause reduction of lower sexual desire. It can be resulted as a side effect of these medicines. Excessive consumption of birth control pills also can reduce your sexual desire.

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Depression is another reason that causes low libido among women. This disorder is due to various psychological factors, which can reduce sex drive among women. Sometime the various medicines used for treating depression can also cause low libido among women.

The way women were brought up during her childhood has also got direct bearing in the sex drive of women. There is religion that preaches women to follow strict rules, which is one of the factors that reduce their sexual desire. They don’t reveal their desire and suppress them, and as a result experience lower sexual desire. This is indeed one of the major concerns, as unless they open up they can never enjoy sexual life. This can certainly upset their partners, who might have visualized of spending some exotic time with them.

Poor self image

Sometime various ego and poor self image also results into low female libido causes. Many women may not look very attractive and they often tend to have low sex appetite. Once such women start getting comfortable with their body they will get sexual urge. There are certain exercises available for women to tone up their body so that they may look attractive. Once they regain confidence then they can restore their sexual appetite.

Other reasons

Among the many other reasons are problems with the sexual partner. If there is a conflict with the spouse then also sexual drive reduces. It is therefore better to share with the partner if there is something in the mind so that it can be amicably resolved by talking. This will also help to understand the need of your partner and with the result sex will be more pleasurable.

The problem of low sex drive can be managed by application of various supplements, gels, herbs and creams which are available in the market.

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