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Low Female Libido- A Curable Sexual Dysfunction

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Low libido is nothing but a decline in sex drive of an individual. There are various causes of low sexual desire in women. They will not be able to enjoy the intimate moments with their partners like how they used to in the past. This condition will leave them deprived of physical pleasure, irritated, low esteem and mentally disturbed.

Women can experience low female libido at any age due to physical, environmental or psychological factors. Women always associate their sexual acts with emotions. However, due to a lot of mental and physical stress, they fail to spend quality time with their spouses. This can hamper a healthy relationship. Not only this, lack of intercourse has destroyed many families and ruined the future of their children.

Reasons for Low Sexual Drive in Women

  • Surrounding atmosphere: Ladies prefer to have sex only when they are attracted to a person on a sensual level. While indulging in love making women expect the environment around them to be peaceful.
  • Stressful life: Fairer gender will not be able to enjoy intimacy when their mind is clogged with hopelessness.
  • Tiredness: In today’s fast paced life, people have very less leisure hours. Working women feel fatigued and try to sleep as soon as they lay on the bed.
  • Low hormones: It occurs due to various medical reasons. Abnormality of hormones like Luteininsing can cause low female libido.
  • Pre-menopause: Approaching menopause leads to changes in the hormone levels, and this ultimately results in less sex energy.

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People when newly married are able to indulge in lovemaking more often, but with passing time other responsibilities and commitments take priority. Women find it difficult to have the same interest in sex, even if they adore their spouse a lot. The added responsibilities consume most of their time and energy, which they would have liked to spend with their better half. However, you can divert your interest back to enjoy your love life by following some of these tips.

How to bring low female libido back on normal track?

Always try to have a good sleep, if you feel fatigued. Physical exhaustion is not a positive symptom to have a comfortable life. Exercise like walks, yoga will help you to relieve the stress level. Meditation also helps to achieve peaceful mind and relaxation. Try to indulge in various activities, which you are fond of like hobbies or shopping. This will create a diversion in your routine boring life. You can even take a holiday with your beloved, where you are free from worldly commitments and will be able to have happy loving times.

Medical disorders can be solved by consulting your general physician or reputed gynecologist. Any specific problem can be rectified by taking medicines and following a healthy diet. Discuss your problems frankly with your partner as you may like to bring some changes in the sexual acts. Some people find normal sex boring after a certain period. The low female libido can be improved if you worry less and let life take its normal course.

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