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Natural Female Libido Enhancement - Building Up Your Desires To Make Love

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To have disinterest in sexual intimacy has been common problem of women for ages. The culprits behind the discomfort vary for every fairer gender. The prominent causes belong to three categories namely-psychological, biological and physical.

Psychological factors:

Anxiety and depression play a key role as it is well known fact that women are over sensitive emotional creatures. Any kind of mishap in their family circle leaves its footprints in their mind for long time. Their nature to imagine intense and constant fear of things going wrong in near future leads to anxiety.

Stress makes them more prone to lose interest in sexual closeness. Stress related to financial insecurities and work related often creates havoc in life which directly affects their libido. History of physical abuse in the past leaves its mark in their mind as well as heart. Their emotions never allow them to have intimate moments with opposite sex.

Low esteem arises when women’s body undergoes changes due to various factors. They feel unattractive and lose confidence. Research has proven women in middle age have a notion of imagining themselves to be too old to take part in sexual acts.

Biological causes:

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At the age of 45 to 55 ladies find themselves in pre menopause and menopause stage. There is change in hormone levels which are directly responsible for libido. The fluctuation of hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone makes them to leave out sex form their life. Dryness in vagina area also plays a key role as it can cause painful intercourse.

Pregnant and breast feeding ladies generally decline sex due to hormone changes. Hormone deficiency brings along fatigue, weakness and pains which are usual causes of low sex drive. Changes in their life style while carrying a child in hands or womb makes lot of difference to have sex like they used to have previously with their spouse.

Physical reasons:

Intake of medicines like anti depressants and anti - seizure surely kills the interest in sex. Surgeries did on breasts or genital parts often sweeps away any desire to have intimate moments with partners. Smoking and consuming alcohol in excess amount will have its side effects including disinterest in sex.

Ways To Cure Yours Disincline Towards Sexual Pleasures:

  • Physical closeness: To have intimate moments with your partner you need to set the atmosphere. Having peaceful moments leisurely will increase your chances of good understanding and dissolve any issues.
  • Exercises: Aerobics and yoga will generate smooth system inflowing of blood. It drives away the vaginal dryness and provides lubrication in sexual parts. Swimming brings in extra freshness and energy to body.
  • Balance diet: Nutritious food like containing minerals, vitamins and proteins will help in formatting good health and provide stamina to have good sex. Fatty foods will bring in bad cholesterol which plays hindrance in healthy sexual life.
  • Avoid boredom: Middle age women often complain of boredom while following the same routine in having sex. Change the postures while having foreplay and intercourse which will increase the height of sensations and sure to give you the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

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