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Tips For Women To Identify The Signs Of Diminished Sex Drive In Order To Overcome It

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Sensual sexual pleasures fluctuate due to numerous reasons in both the partners. Many fairer sexes lose interests in sex whenever their mood swings or they have some health problems. They feel shy while talking about their low sexuality with anyone. The inadequacy remains hidden till it starts spoiling their well being and relationship.

What is low libido?

Less response toward sexual pleasure or not reaching climax can be pronounced as low libido. Women often complain of less interest in sex in compare to man. It is because women body undergoes lot of biological and physical changes.

Why women often feel disinterest towards sex?

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  • Mental distractions: Anxiety and depression makes women mind to roam elsewhere while having sex. As a result they are unable to reach climax and even sometimes their partner feels cheated.
  • Sleeping habits: Due to over work in the day time in office and at home, women often feel sleepy as soon as their head touches the pillow. They have no time to spend lovable moments with their beloved.
  • Drinking or smoking too much: It is well known fact that having a glass of wine boosts your metabolism and you feel inclined towards sex, but over drinking may hurt your senses and you feel lethargic.
  • Relationship problems: It is a common issue found in many homes all over the planet. Husband and wife relationship goes through many hardships and it affects their love life. Man can easily forget the fights, heated discussion between them but for women it lingers in their mind even while having sex with their spouse. This give place to unsatisfied sex.
  • Sexual intercourse: Premature ejaculation by male partner or having painful intercourse due to dryness in vaginal region often makes women shy away from sex.
  • Thyroid ailment: Thyroid glands present in the neck which is responsible for hormone production often create hindrance if the women is having some problems with underactive thyroid. Depression, over or under weight and weakness are some of the few problems which declines the desire to have sex.
  • Medicines: Anti depressant drugs and anti androgenic pills always generate weak libido. It effects the production of testosterone hormone which is essential to have great sexual life.

Can weaker sex interest be treated?

The answer is positive. You can have your sexual desire back permanently if you have some medications prescribed by your physician. Take diet which includes lot of aphrodisiacs food. Exercise also plays a main part in stimulating blood in your body and you feel inclined towards sex. Having peaceful mind and avoiding any kind of tensions to enter with you in bed will surely make you have long passionate nights in the arms of your beloved.

Women are quiet emotional towards love. For them sex is a part and parcel of the way to express their love, therefore any kind of complication in relationship will make them sad and will unable to have orgasm. In order to please their lady love, men can woo them with gifts, candle light dinners are spend a lovely passionate night with them.

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