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Familiarizing Ourselves With The Female Sexual Organs

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Sex is a two way activity which is enjoyed by both the parties. Just like how we want to familiarize ourselves with the male anatomy, it is equally essential to know about the female sex organs and their role in sexual intercourse.

External Sex Organs of the Female Body

The female sexual organs are situated both inside and outside of the body. The main objective of these external organs is to allow the sperm to enter the body and also help in preventing infections and other harmful diseases to damage the internal organs. The external organs in the female reproductive system comprises of the following:

Labia majora and minora: The labia majora acts as a protective shield over the other external organs of the body. It is shaped in the form of large fleshy lips. In adult woman, this organ is covered with hair and contains oil secreting glands and sweat. Labia minora is situated inside the labia majora surrounding the vaginal opening.

Bartholin’s Glands – The main function of these glands is to help in producing fluids for secretion. These are situated just besides the opening in the vagina.

Clitoris – A clitoris is very sensitive and can be easily stimulated leading orgasm in woman. This is small sensitive protrusion that joins the labia majora and minora at the centre. It is similar to penis in men.

Internal Sexual Organs of the Female Body

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Now that we are familiar with the external organs, let us look into the internal sexual organs. All these organs play a very vital role in the reproduction process and any damage to these can cause a negative impact on your sexual life.

Oviduct – This is commonly known as the fallopian tubes or egg tubes. As the name itself suggests, these are vessels that help in transporting the female eggs to the uterus. The fallopian tube consists of tiny hairs known as cilia that help in the smooth transition of the eggs. The ovaries in the body are connected to these tubes.

Ovaries and the Uterus – Every woman is gifted with undeveloped female eggs, commonly known as ova. These eggs get stored in almond shaped organs known as ovaries and are released every month during menstruation. The main function of the uterus is to help in holding the fertilized eggs and nurture them till the gestation period is over.

Cervix – The cervix acts as a barrier between the vagina and the uterus. When a woman is pregnant, the cervix helps in holding the baby in place. During labor or birth, the cervix expands allowing the baby to pass through.

Vagina and Sexual Arousal

The vagina is connected to the cervix and the outer body of the woman. Here is where the penis is inserted during sexual intercourse. When sexually aroused, the vagina begins to lubricate, thereby secreting fluids through the vaginal walls.

During sex, there is increase in the blood flow, which makes the clitoris harden and swell slightly leading to mind blowing orgasms in women. Women take a long time to reach orgasm when compared to men. This requires a lot of concentration and patience on the part of men to make their partners reach orgasm.

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