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Valuable Tips To Boost Elderly Female Libido And Not Lose It

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Lack of desire in aging females is quite common. The fact is that their body changes along with their sexual organs. The main causes for lost in libido are pretty complex.

Causes of decreasing sexual desire

Decrease in estrogen - After menopause the level of Estrogen, a sex hormone reduces. It takes longer for the female to get sexually aroused. The elasticity of her vagina decreases so it takes time to swell up and lubricate. Thus, her intercourse becomes painful and uncomfortable. Several women avoid sex because it is less enjoyable than before.

Reduction in testosterone - Testosterone is also a sexual hormone that creates desire, but declining levels can diminish arousal.

Low self-esteem - Several women feel uncomfortable with the aging changes like grey hair, wrinkles or weight gain. They feel that they are unattractive, which affects their sexual life.

Stress & depression - Prolonged strain diminishes sexual interest. Stress can be due to workload at home or at work. This can probably lead to excessive smoking or drinking having an adverse effect on your libido.

Medication - Use of several medications for treating HBP, antidepressants and common old age illnesses can directly influence your sex drive.

Health issues - Chronic illnesses like kidney issues, diabetes, renal disease or cancer suppress testosterone level and lessen sperm production. Actually, your body moves to survival mode and ignores non-survival tasks like producing sperm and testosterone.

Lack in sexual desire due to aging must not affect your intimacy level and pleasure. Change of things does not mean that you have to ignore the most vital pleasurable source of your relationship and life. Be creative and try new things.

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Tips to use so you don’t lose

Be communicative - It is the duty of her male to revive sexual desire in his woman. Discuss with her about the changes. Talking and touching certainly will bring her more close. She will willingly participate in doing something different. Try lubrication, massage, cuddling or different positions.

Be positive - Never criticize her because it can make her more depressed. Be positive and offer an alternative. Boost her ego by sharing your fantasy and asking hers. Make them come true. Watch erotic movies together. Thus, keep finding ways that arouse you both.

Be creative - Sex is not just penetration, but far beyond. Touch is the great option. Touching is stimulating and pleasurable. You can just hold one another, enjoy oral sex, sensual massage, or masturbate.

Be resourceful - Living together for a long time and maintaining your sexual monogamous relationship does not always mean that both are in the mood. Mutual masturbation or brief sexual session can give both a short encounter with great release. Use of lubricants generously in your sensual approach helps in reducing vaginal irritation.

Be flexible - A few routine changes can trigger the enjoyment level. Changes in your routine way of having sex can revive your young days.

  • Try morning
  • Try new position
  • Try another room
  • Try mid-week
  • Take time to get stimulated and enjoy

Be romantic - Even though it takes time to get aroused, you can add little romance whispering ‘I love you’. This creates a strong bond of trust that is helpful, when you deal with getting old together.

  • Sensual massage
  • Light scented candles
  • Bath together
  • Dress up or undress sensually
  • Buy something visually sexy for her

It is also necessary to take care of your physical and mental health. It keeps you prepared for libido at any age!

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