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Fight Back Your Low Libido Problem With The Help Of Some Handy Tips

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After a certain age, loss of libido (sex drive) is observed in women. Generally, this is a symptom of menopause, but it does not apply to every woman. Women from different age groups usually complain that their libido is not in tune with their partner’s and this not only affects their relationship physically, but mentally as well.

In most of the cases, it is observed that females fail to understand the symptoms. There are several reasons why a woman might lose libido and as reasons vary so does its treatment. However, just like women are not aware of the symptoms, in the same way they do not know the treatment options too. Also, most of the females are embarrassed to discuss this issue with their physician.

The common reasons for which most of the women face low libido are:

  • Tiredness
  • Fluctuations in hormones
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Medication side effects

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Areas to be concerned about:

There are several other reasons too for which a woman might be having low libido than the ones mentioned above. However, some of the common strategies that any female can adopt to fight back this problem are:

Proper sleep: We all are aware of the fact that poor sleep affects us mentally and physically. If you are someone on a hard routine every now and then, then there are chances that your loss of libido is because of the lack of proper sleep. Try to adopt a relaxing exercising routine and make sure you don’t give a lot of stress to your body. You can try YOGA or perhaps just a nice evening walk is also good for a start.

De-stress yourself: If stress is the major concern then working on it is the first thing to do. Take a little time out of your daily routine and try to relax yourself by meeting friends, hanging out, going to spas and getting a massage, etc. Such activities will take help in reducing stress that you are undergoing and it will indeed help you relax. Also, if you think your routine and life is extra stressful, meeting a specialist and taking proper treatment is also a good idea.

Hormone replacement: DHEA and testosterone are the hormones, which can boost your libido. Usually, these hormones are considered as male hormones. However, they are also present and necessary for women. You can use DHEA orally and testosterone as cream. Furthermore, to confirm if these hormones are in proper level in your body, you can go for a blood, urine or saliva test.

Last but not the least:

Your medical condition and emotional condition are also very important factors that affect your libido negatively. By making a little change in your daily routine, you can fight this problem for sure. Try to...

  • Cut down your alcohol consumption.
  • Never miss any meals and take a healthy diet.
  • Consult your physician and discuss your problems in detail.

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