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Best Ways To Have Sex During Pregnancy

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Sex during pregnancy is fine as long as there are no complications related to the same. As a woman you should understand one thing that pregnancy symptoms may reduce your desire for sex. Some of the things that hinder you from having sex are back pain, weight gain, and nausea. It is absolutely safe to have sex for women who are experiencing uncomplicated and normal pregnancy. Even though it is safe, you must take some precautionary steps while having sex to protect you and the baby.

If your doctor given you a green signal for vaginal sex, then use condoms to protect your baby getting infected from sexually transmitted disease. You can look for other options such as oral sex and anal sex.

Oral sex during pregnancy

In the first trimester, many women show low sexual interest because they are tired of the nauseous symptoms. Second trimester is the best time to have sex with your partner. You will also feel much better and there are more lubricants in the vaginal canal, which will be convenient for you to enjoy sex. You must also find out the suitable sexual position to enjoy the pleasure. It is recommended to have sex either on the sideway position or women on top.

Oral sex is completely safe and it is one of the best ways to have an orgasm. Make sure that your partner does not blow air into the vaginal canal. The air might block the blood vessels, which can cause serious problem to your health and the baby in your womb.

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It is good to stick to the licking and kissing of the clitoris part. The clitoris plays an important role in the stimulation of the sexual pleasure in the women’s body. You can also swallow the semen and it does not cause any harm to the baby.

Is anal sex safe during pregnancy?

Many women wonder if it is safe to have anal sex during their pregnancy. You must keep certain things in mind before opting for it. At this time, blood circulation doubles up which can lead to hemorrhoids or inflammation. If you are not affected by any of the above mentioned conditions, then you can have anal sex.

Penetration through anal will push the rectum part against the vagina. It increases the risk of germs spreading from the rectum to the vagina. As the result of it, you will be infected by it. If you are suffering from placenta praevia, then the anal sex may cause some damage to the placenta. It will in turn cause bleeding and imperil your pregnancy. Generally, this type of sex is not recommended during the time of pregnancy.

Tips for having sex while pregnant

Libido levels doubles up in pregnant women, due to the increased blood flow to the pelvic region. This boosts the sensitivity of the external sex organs. If your doctor has said no to sex, then you can express your intimacy by means of cuddling and kissing. Some of the comfortable sex positions for a pregnant women are sideways, spooning, women on top.

You must also know that sex is not the only way to bond with each other. In general sex during pregnancy is safe if the partners are very much clear about following the safety measures without affecting the baby and mother’s health.

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