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Common Practice Of A One Night Stand Guy

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Sex is a lovely thing that every man and woman should enjoy in their lifetime. There are many men in the society, who is just looking for one night stand. If you are interested in it, definitely you will not have any issue in hooking up with him. Some of the popular places where men go for one night stand are bars, dance clubs, strip clubs and online dating sites.

These men are very tricky in pulling you to bed. You can find out whether the man is looking for a serious relationship or a one night stand by taking note of his behavior with you. You must know about certain indicators to stay away from such kind of people.

They try to separate you from others

A guy who is nearing you with one night stand intention will first try to separate you from other friends. You will not have any thoughts other than hanging out with him. Initially, they may approach you with a friendly attitude and show their real face during the night time. A guy, who wants a meaningful relationship with you, will respect your feelings and also mingle with your friends. He will not try to separate you from other friends while you are with them.

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During the first meeting the guy always talks about general topics like friends, school, college and his likings. One night stand guy is just opposite to it, he always wants to sexualize any topic that he is speaking. You can figure out from his words that he is not the one looking for long-term relationship.

Find out through his body language

You must also note his body language. If he is always interested in more sensual touching than talking to you, then he is interested in your body than friendship. He makes constant eye contact to prove that he is the only suitor available to you. He makes you drink a lot during the dating session, so that you will not be yourself. He uses this time to approach you and to accomplish his task. Men seeking serious relationship never force you or offer too much drink.

He always tries to take you to different bars or clubs from your usual hang-out places. He does this to separate you from others and he will also not have any disturbance in approaching his desire. It is a common practice followed by the one night standers.

Read his mind

When you are indulging with such type of guys, there is a high risk of being infected by STI. Make sure to use condoms for a safe sex. The one night stand concept is completely a nightmare for people, who are not interested in it. You can perfectly read his mind when you are with your friends at the bar. Pretend as if you are leaving the bar, he will not ask for your number. He won’t do it because he does not want to portray himself as a perceived player in front of others. If he takes your number then it implies that he is interested in you and other girls will not entertain him.

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