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Learn The Technique To Control His Orgasm And Urge Him To Have Sex

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Sex is a wonderful thing, which involves both men and women. The main target of a man is to have an orgasm at the earliest without indulging much in foreplay. Control your actions, so that you can make him beg for sex.

Nudity is the first thing that triggers his sexual feeling towards you. You and your partner should spend some time in erotic play. It is important that your partner has to be passionately aroused before the intercourse. The touch, feel & kiss given by you are important factors, which will get him to climax.

How to give him a super blowjob?

Men love oral sex and they like when girls go down on him. The main job for you is to give sexual pleasure to him using your mouth. You can stimulate the penis by means of the lips and tongue. It gives a man intense sensation and aids him to achieve orgasm easily. Some of the tips for giving blowjob to your beloved are:

  • Give a sensual touch on the sensitive areas such as the testicles, perineum and the tip of the penis.
  • Use your hand and mouth to make him feel good.
  • Suck his genitals softly and intensely to give varied feeling
  • In order to be naughty, you can slide ice cube over his penis. You can decorate his genitals with ice cream and chocolate and suck it.

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You can also add your own imagination and do the action until he feels like exploding. While you are performing the job with your hand, don’t jerk his penis too much. It may cause pain and irritation to him.

Make your man feel great in different sex positions

There are different ways designed to please a man and you can use them in your bedroom to have an awesome experience. Books and videos are available, which explains various techniques to you. In order to have different experience you can tie his hands and blindfold him. You can tease him to increase his pleasure to have sex. Role play and foreplay is needed to arouse the guy and then have sex with him.

If you are bored trying the missionary position, you can go for, woman on top style where you can control his orgasm. You must enjoy every act that you are doing and be comfortable with it. Get intimate with your partner by kissing, cuddling, dirty talks and feel free to have a lot of fun. Sex is a wonderful gift given to us and there is nothing in enjoying it to the fullest.

Make him beg for sex

Seduce him in such a way, which should make him beg for sex. Women must know different ways to control the activity of the men. When he is trying to penetrate, don’t allow him for deep penetration. It is man's tendency to finish off sex with one ejaculation. Make him wait for more time, to ejaculate.

In order to control his orgasm, ride him on top by allowing only the tip of the penis to penetrate. Even during the missionary position you can control it by tightening your muscles. Enjoy this act for some time and then allow him to penetrate fully. These things urge him to have more sex with you.

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