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Learn Various Techniques Of Handjob To Excite Your Man

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Handjob is the best way to give maximum pleasure to your man manually. In order to keep your sex life interesting and adventurous, you can perform this erotic act on your partner. It is one of the great forms of foreplay that you can do before intimacy. You can also do it to bring him into the mood.

It is a skill that every girl should work on to get him really turned on. In order to give this kind of pleasure to your partner, you must learn certain things to improve your skills. These qualities will be helpful to give an earth shattering handjob for him.

How to start off the job?

Rather than straight away grabbing the penis, you can start off by kissing him on the sensitive areas. Once he is ready for the job, start slowly by moving your hand up and down all over the penis. You should also pay attention to the rhythm of the stroke in terms of the pressure and speed. You can ask him whether he likes it or not and can also change the rhythm based on his wish.

Generally, right hand is more comfortable to do this act and the position also matters for it. Let him experience the manual stimulation by standing in front of you and sitting in the corner of the bed. The missionary position is also suitable for both of you to enjoy mutual masturbation.

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Lubrication to smoothen the action

Like girls, boy’s genitals are not self lubricated. It is good to rub water based lubricant on your hand after warming up the penis. After that, gently coat the external layer of the penis with the lubricant. It helps you to do your job smoothly without much irritation. You can move your hand smoothly from the base of the penis to the tip of it. The tip is the sensitive part of the genitals which is used to invoke a man. Constantly changing the rhythm of the stroke such as quick and slow will excite your man.

Finding good rhythm

Sometimes using the same type of stroke can bore him and it will also turn off his mood. There are some websites that show videos of various handjob techniques. You can learn some sexy techniques from them also. First, hold the base of the shaft and then glide your fingers towards the head and tighten the grip as you move up. While heading back, loosen the grip. Once you get hold of a good rhythm, you can see that his muscles start tensing and he will also start to breathe faster.

Handjob tips

You should know to control your wrist because it will make the whole experience easier and also pleasurable for your partner. Just sliding along the penis and don’t rub hardly, it will hurt him badly. While he is having an orgasm, you must continue the stroking activity with mild pleasure. It is also one of the best ways to achieve multiple orgasms. You can also ask his desire and act accordingly to give the maximum pleasure to your man.

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