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Make Sex Interesting And Enormous By Breaking Some Rules

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Pleasurable and intimate relationship is a must for enjoying a healthy relationship. Healthy sexual life strengthens your bonding and increases love between you two. Life with no sex is boring and frustrating. Break rules and make life more interesting and adventurous.

If you are tired of following the old rules to make her happy, then try something new and interesting on bed. Women like men who initiate sex, and take care of them on bed. Some of the women are submissive, while others love to be boss on bedroom.

If you are in a mood to have sex, then initiate and take control of the situation. You must learn to excite your man in different ways and get him involved in the sexual act completely.

Both of the partners should have an orgasm

Involving in the sexual activity with your partner for the sake of doing will be not a fun thing, as only one will enjoy it.

Most of them enjoy their sexual life in different ways and it is not compulsory for both of you to have climax during the intercourse. Some of the women and men like to please their partner, than merely concentrating on themselves.

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You can also create a romantic environment in your bedroom by lighting candles and decorating the room with flowers. Make it more romantic by playing good songs. Include lots of love, passion, love, and foreplay that will make it more exciting and pleasurable.

You can add fun to the moment by enjoying orgasm at the same time as your partner enjoys climax. It is one of the challenging tasks, and usually doesn’t happen at the same time. It may take more time for the couple to reach orgasm together. It is always difficult for the women to have an orgasm during intercourse. The partner can stimulate her g-spot through oral sex or masturbation.

Time for sexual stimulation

Most of them think that having a long foreplay session will help to have better sex. It differs from one couple to the other. It is not true that, shorter foreplay will not help to arouse a woman. You can have sex any time in a day and all night, as much as you want. You and your partner can decide whether to go for a short or longer session. Having quick sex is more interesting and thrilling than the longer ones.

Fantasies of sexual pleasure

It is necessary to explore each other’s fantasy, as they you can enjoy joyful and pleasurable sex. You can talk to your partner about the same and take the relationship to the next level. It may help to build more intimacy and it also shows his/her vulnerable side also. Don’t forgo it, thinking that your partner may reject you after knowing your desire.

You can decide upon a day and try the act on each other and explore a whole new world of sexual experience. Add more fun to the acts, thus making it more memorable.

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