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Surprise Your Partner With New Sex Moves Tonight

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Interesting and brand new sex move makes your bedroom life more interesting and wonderful. You can look for certain sex tips which is displayed in the books and internet. These tips will be helpful to improve your sexual activity. Trying the same thing in the bedroom will bore you at some point of time. Doing something different from the same old routine will make you to get involved in the activity more. The new sex move will really make both of you go crazy.

Experience different sex moves with your partner to lead awesome sex life. Don’t restrict yourself thinking that your partner will not like it. If it really excites him, he will not show any kind of objection towards it.


Sexual excitement always needs brand new ideas to excite the partner and also for a long-term relationship. Surprising your partner with new sex moves increases the sexual excitement to a great extent. Learn the sizzling tactics to urge the pleasure in him/her.

People, who are looking for ways to bring excitement into the bedroom, must know about the importance of foreplay. You can assume it as warm-up or to get ready for sexual intercourse. It will surely make your whole lovemaking experience a new one. Some of the things that trigger the action are kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus, oral sex, sensual massage, fondling, sexy games, and simultaneous masturbation.

According to the study conducted, most of the people spend at least 20 minutes of foreplay. Giving time for that will fill the sexual gap between you and your partner. You must also learn how to slide your fingers while indulging in foreplay.

Techniques for giving orgasm

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Orgasm is often mentioned as sexual climax, which stimulates both men and women. Instead of trying same old style in achieving it, you can find out different ways to do it. To keep your love life exciting, enjoy the sensation that you get from orgasm. You can try various ways to achieve orgasm in women. Stimulation of the external genitals will give more pleasure to a woman. Some of the other types of stimulation are vaginal orgasm, U-spot orgasm, oral orgasm, breast orgasm, and G-spot orgasm.

Woman on top is a suitable sexual position for both of you to have an orgasm. Oral sex is the best way to increase the sexual intensity of a man. Massage his penis smoothly and also with a rhythm. Learn the technique to move the hand over his genitals and it aids him to have multiple orgasms.

Sexual position

There are more than 100 sexual moves, which you can practice to keep your nights interesting. To spice up the action follow different styles those are comfortable for both of you. Adding new tactics can turn your routine sex session into something memorable. Some of the styles are spider, elevator, X position, spooning, missionary, couch surfer, sixty nine, and face off.

The fingering is also the best option to intensify the act and it all depends upon how spontaneously you move the finger. You can also invent new ideas and feel the pleasure out of it.

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