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Things That Guys Do To Lure A Girl In Bed

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Men make use of a seduction technique to have sex with women. As a woman, you should be aware of it. These guys lure women in different ways just to get into the bed, thus don’t fall prey to it.

Don’t just completely believe a person by looking at their external appearance, because they can be deceptive. Most of the women will be familiar with the techniques used by them, so stay away from such type of people.

Attraction technique

They use some techniques to make you feel attracted towards them by means of their body language and dressing. These are the basic things that men focus to get the women into their bed. If he insists you to meet outside for a drink then he is taking the first step to attract you. It is the traditional way of seducing a girl. Please don’t blindly accept the invitation, think twice or thrice before accepting it. If you really don’t know much about the person, you can avoid the call by giving some excuses.

Several rounds of drinks will make you dizzy and you will not know what you are really doing. He can take advantage of the situation and try his hand over you. If a guy calls you for a drink, then he is not interested in you, but may be something else.

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Ambiguous way of seducing

A man who is talking dirty straightway will not be a true friend to you. You can easily understand what his feelings are and his intention. These are obvious signs that these guys are longing for sex. When you are around with him, if he seduces other women then you can easily understand his objective. Others make use of flirting techniques to attract the girl that is by appreciating her looks and make you think him as a perfect lover.

Let’s hang out is the ambiguous way of seducing a girl. His ultimate aim behind this idea is to get you over his house. He might be interested in having sex with you and nothing else.

Inviting to watch a movie

The guy who wants you to get into bed will do nothing to attract you. Usually, he may call you to watch a movie along with him in his house. You must be careful because he is trying to figure out something else and is not looking for your friendship. Sex is the only thing that is running in his mind then he might call you to watch a watch in his room, when no one else in his house.

Classic method

Instead of the straight away approaching, he may try to befriend you. This is a classic way of seducing a girl. This tactic is popular among the pickup artist community. Meeting the girl in the public forum and bar often will help him to get along with the girl. He also figures out your likes and dislikes. Once you get comfortable with him, he will show the real attitude towards you. At the same time, don’t hang out with him in new places.

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