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Things That Men Don’t Like To Do In Bed With You

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Every guy has his own preference, when it comes to sex. There are certain things that a man really likes when a woman does it for him. Likewise, women should also know about the things that men hate in bed. It takes time for a woman to read the mindset of a man. You must find out what your man loves and surprise him with it.

Some men are attracted towards blowjob and others enjoy anal sex. You can give an orgasm for him by masturbating his penis and only adventurous people wish such kind of things. If you want to satisfy him, you can kiss, tease and play with him. Don’t try to finger his anus while giving blowjob. This act irritates him and surely pushes you out of bed. Some guys will gently turn you down. Always try to read the mindset of men, before you start off with any new stuff. A man’s body is really sensitive and you should do your best to make him feel good.

Don’t try to wear awkward stuff

Men are often mentioned as visual creatures and they love watching their women naked than in clothes. Adding an extra bit of visual flair will actually make your man melt for you. Being totally nude is a great idea to stimulate your man during the intercourse. In order to be a bombshell, you need not wear awkward stuff. Try wearing care free clothes in your bedroom when he is around you. These clothes will tempt him and are easy to take it off. Wearing a dress that has too many buttons, zippers and clasps will spoil his mood.

Whenever you are selecting your lingerie and garter belts see to that it does not have much complicated designs. Dressing sexy not only applies to the bedroom, but also outside and around the house. You can wear a dress which pleases your beloved than wearing a dress for your comfort.

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Let him to watch adult movies alone

Most of the men like to watch porn movies at specific points of their lives. They love watching naked women and their actions. Many sex experts have suggested watching adult movies along with your partner which aid both of you to get aroused before the intimate session.

Guys like to masturbate themselves while seeing the erotic movies and they don’t prefer to watch it along with their girlfriend. If your partner does not prefer to watch it with you, leave him alone. Let him enjoy the sexual act on his own, which gives him freedom to stay where ever he likes.

Try to do what he likes

Men like to hear dirty talks during the sexual act, so try to incorporate into your sex routine and make the session steamier. Vocal sounds when you make during the act will really excite him. Having few rounds of drink before sex is good to share your love with each other. Drinking too much will spoil the whole show and you will also not know what happened the whole night.

If he is not interested in drunken sex don’t force and feel free to engage the session as he likes. Most of the men are not fascinated with vanilla and plain sex alone and they need various ways to spice up the action.

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