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Things To Know About Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder In Women

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The hypoactive sexual desire disorder is caused due to lack of sexual interest. Millions of females around the world are affected by this problem. It may affect your relationship with your partner and also causes mental distress. If there is a lack of intimacy or feeling towards your partner, then you must be suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Many women get treated for this problem at some point in their life. Both men and women need to understand about the sex and the anatomy of the body. At the same time, they should also find a better way to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Causes of HSDD

Depression is the common reason for the loss of interest in sex. Statistically, women are more prone to depression than men. Low Libido will also lead to this type of disorder. One of the best ways to solve this problem is by finding out the cause for it and resolving the relationship conflict. Some of the elements that contribute to HSDD problem are:

  • Poor physical health conditions
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Beginning of the menopause period
  • Intake of certain kinds of medication, which may affect your emotional responses
  • Traumatic experience

After the treatment for low sexual desire, many people are able to feel better and it also increases their sexual pleasure and desire for sex. The problem is resolved by counseling, diet, therapy and exercise. Herbal remedies can also be used to treat this disorder.

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Treatment options for low sex drive

If there is any symptom of low sex drive, you can consult a specialized doctor along with your partner. The doctor may inquire about your past psychological issues and relationship history. The physician will also recommend you to take following treatment based on your medical condition such as:

  • Hormone balance therapy is insisted for women
  • Treatment to improve the present state of medical condition
  • Sex therapy for individual or couples
  • Sometimes the doctor changes the medication that interferes with the sexual desire

Supplements for HSDD

Herbal supplements are 100% safe method to treat this problem and one of the quickest ways to increase your sexual enjoyment. The treatment for the hypoactive sexual desire disorder is successful, only if both the partners co-operate for the therapy. If the stressful relationship is the cause of the problem, then you can consult a clinical psychologist.

The patient is given testosterone supplements to enhance their sexual activity. This type of treatment is given when the levels of testosterone are low. Some of the other treatment includes androgen therapy, marriage counseling, and anti-depressant therapy.

Most of the time, the cause of sexual dysfunction is menopause and due to this factor many women suffer from depression. It is good to see HSDD specialists before it becomes a serious problem. Early treatment will ease the issue at the initial stage. People who have undergone such treatment have felt noticeable improvement and thereby it increases their sexual enjoyment. Some doctors suggest natural ways like practice of yoga, meditation and regular exercise.

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