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Try To Balance Psychological And Emotional Factors For A Good Relationship

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Sex drive between men and women differ by means of physical and emotional aspects. Learning about different facets of sex, will help you to know better about your man or woman well. Try to balance both psychological and emotional sides during the sexual act. Men have a stronger sex drive and they show it visually than verbally. Women are opposite to them and it is difficult to pin them down.

When it comes to the spark of the sexual desire women has a more emotional connection than men. The physical aspects are always referred to the lips, erect nipples and curves of the woman's body. Men get attracted by these features, which pull them into the bed. Sex is an emotional experience and includes the feelings of a person such as his/her confidence, self-esteem, dominance and other sexual desires. It also depends on what type of relationship you are looking for whether serious or one night stand.

What men and women think about sex?

Men prefer spontaneous sexual arousal and varied fantasies and they think about sex fantasies at least once a day. This urge is less in women when compared to men. Men also tend to read sexy books and movies because they are more often aroused by visuals. Emotional and psychological factor is needed to enhance the play.

The emotional connection is found more in women. If they want to marry a man, they must feel the comfort and closeness in his arms. Women won’t stay close to a man, unless she has some feeling towards him. It is often said that their sexual drives is influenced by both cultural and social factors. Don’t think girls are less sensitive, when they get close to you they are hornier than you.

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The actions of a woman are more rewarding and intense, when she really cares about the man. Physical and emotional values play an equal part for her.

Concentrate more on emotional feeling

The girls portray the art of making love which is more tender, romantic, considerate and respectful. They never think it as a one night stand act. Pay attention to your emotions while you are in bed with your sweetheart. It is based on the individual’s perspective whether they think it as love or lust. The mind of a person keeps changing based on the situation, so it is better to interpret things properly to have a serious relationship with him or her.

Being together

Woman’s attitude towards sexual satisfaction and experiencing an orgasm may be different from a man. If you are really interested in her, your physical or emotional aspect won’t stop you from it. Just make sex as a simple thing and more straightforward. Both of you must try to seek love, intimacy and connection, if you want a serious relationship with your partner.

You must recognize both aspects such as emotional and physical, which increases the intimacy level of man and woman. Try to understand the affectionate feeling of the girl you love. Your sex life should not be affected due the dominance of one partner. Surprise your beloved in the bed with different fanfare and sex techniques.

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