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Try To Understand The Feelings Of Your Man While You Are In The Bed

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Women are smart enough to figure out what the guys like when they are in bed. Sometimes they are clueless about certain things. The man enjoys whatever act that a woman do to excite him. Think how much he would be excited when you are giving handjob and total body sex. The guys get easily attracted by means of visual stimulation.

Your physical aspects turn him on and he also never stays close to you, if you are not attractive to his eye. Sexual posters, videos or your body turn on his sexual mood. Men are attracted towards the cellulite structure. He is so much fascinated by your jiggling ass. Don’t try to hide lumpiness from him instead embrace yourself. Pleasuring him more than his expectation will make the intimate session more interesting. Men have more interest in watching porn movies and clippings.

Involvement towards you

Involvement that you show towards him also matters a lot. Always men will be expecting more from you. Some men really like dirty talks, whispering something he likes and moaning sound. Explore new position and styles to make the act more interesting and they enhance the sexual activity. Watching a porn movie together can ignite hot conversations and you can find ways to make your intimate sessions more fascinating. Don’t do certain things while you are in bed with him. Some of the things like talking about work, and fake orgasm are criticized.

Interested in visual treat

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Man always loves to see their woman naked than in clothes. They like more of visual treat when it comes to sex. Most of the porn movies that are clipped portray women naked and it is created as per the men’s mindset. They like to watch your silky body always and it hurts them badly when you are wearing clothes. Knowing about his preference is important to lead an active sex life.


Men who are passionate about sex love to give orgasm to his partner too. Some guys really don’t know about the techniques to arouse you by giving orgasm and think only about their own pleasure. Passionate lovers are attracted towards every activity that you do in the bed. Sound that you make and heaving breathing pulls him towards you more. Don’t downplay any act during sex thinking that, it may irritate your partner.

Things that trigger him up

There are a variety of things that you can do to create a romantic mood in your partner. You can arrange a candle light dinner. You can keep the light low in the bedroom and play romantic songs.

It is important to know about each other’s sexual fantasies, when you are in a relationship. Having sex in the morning is one of the best ways to trigger all of his emotions. You can read magazine to know about the weird things that really excite men and women. Love making is an art and you should know to handle it well. Keep whispering in his ears when you are away from home about the things that stimulate him.

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