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The Increasing Popularity Of Genital Piercings Among Female

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Genital piercings have become quite popular among men and women these days. Ladies want to try out new things and surprise their men with exciting things in bed. Piecing private parts is a bold move and men appreciate their girls opting for it. Although not all guys will speak it aloud, deep in their hearts, they long for it.

If you are of the opinion that only porn starts are into such things, then you might want to rethink. Just because you don’t know, does not mean nobody is opting for it.

Area of concern

Piercing this area is as sensitive and painful as any other body parts. It includes health risk and thus you need to take care while piercing. If no proper care is taken then it can cause infection, which can be quite painful and irritating. Some think that by piercing in this area, they will experience orgasm every time and sometimes it can be uncontrollable. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why they pierce this sensitive area.

Labia are another area where you can pierce as it increases your sexuality and orgasm as well. Choose such an area that will not rub directly against the clitoris.

Keep the genital area clean after piercing

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Once pierced you need to take care of the area and ensure that it is always clean. Sometimes you are recommended not to indulge into sex for some time, so as to avoid any complications. It can cause severe pain and irritation, which can take days together to heal. Don’t try any fashionable jewelry there, until it’s completely healed.

You might come across several tips on internet that gives you piercing tips, but not all of them are technically correct. It is advisable to seek proper guidance so as to safely pierce your private part. You can always take help from the direct source as they are experienced and will let you know the right things to be done.

As piercing increases your sexuality, ensure that you take basic care whenever having sex. This will avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, which can be serious. You can request your partner to use a condom. Precaution is better than cure, thus don’t overlook the importance of the precaution that needs to be taken.

Piercing in different areas

Nowadays experts can pierce any body part, without causing much pain to you. An expert will be ensure that it stays at the proper place and is cleaned all the time. The most popular type of piercing in clitoris is vertical hood. Here, the jewelry is directly inserted in the clitoral hood, which is quite different than labial piercing. The ring is inserted on the outer walls.

There are different types of piercing and a common one is triangle type. Here the jewelry is inserted from behind the clitoral. However, it is advisable that you consult your piercer, before getting your clitoral pierced. They will tell you the right place for piercing according to the anatomy of your body.

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