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Check Yourself For Any Sign Of Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer has been one of the most common and dangerous issues in women. Shocking is the statistics that one in every nine women in the Unites States develops breast cancer. By the way, do you know the reason behind this, as why breast cancer is so common? This is because the human body has a tendency to store toxins that is absorbed into the fatty tissues. Now, that makes a woman’s breast as the most vulnerable site for cancer.

Hence, it’s always advisable for women to have regular breast examination for any signs of cancer. You can check it by yourself, or even visit a health professional to get examined. Obviously, few more questions might be popping in your mind now.

Who Needs To Have Regular Breast Examination?

The very first question in this context that might strike your mind is whether you need to have regular breast examination or not? Well, as per the experts the older a woman is the more significant are these tests for her. There is nothing like a particular age criterion for that but yes, women in their forties are advised to go for these tests regularly.

Besides, examining your breasts or getting it examined by any health professional is actually a must for women who fall in the high risk group. Even during their young age, it’s quite necessary for them. High risk group, what does that signify?

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Well, that simply entails women who are more likely to have breast cancer. This means women who might have a history of breast cancer in their family, or who began menstruating before 12, or who have never conceived any child. It also includes those women who usually prefer high fat diet, or who are obese, or who have already had cancer in any breast.

How Would You Check It?

It isn’t actually that difficult to check your breast for any signs of cancer. Experts recommend lying down with your arm just behind your head, and gently pressing down on your breast nearest to the raised arm. Check the entire breast in small circles, for any sort of lumps or any anomaly that might feel strange. If there is one, you needn’t panic, rather simply pay a visit to your physician and get it checked.

Moreover, it’s also advisable to get your breast checked by the health professional regularly. They might come across some signs that you might have missed.

What Time Of The Month Is Preferable For Checking It?

When you are checking it yourself, you need to be consistent about the time of the month you are checking it, so that the comparison you make is more accurate. The primary reason behind this is the firmness of your breast gets changed during your menstrual cycle. You might have realized it, isn’t it? Hence, it’s best to conduct the test at the same time every month.

To add to that, as per the experts the best time and the most accurate time to notice it is just after your monthly period.

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