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Keep Your Sex Life Active By Teasing Your Partner

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Maintaining a relationship is not at all an easy task, as there are many things that need to be taken care of. Life is filled with ups and downs, which impacts your martial life and relationship. The problems are minimal when you understand and trust each other. Lovemaking plays a key role in strengthening your relationship, and fills it will passion, love, and freshness.

Art of Teasing in Relationships

Teasing can be fun and exciting, and can amuse your partner all the time. You can crack jokes on each other and spend more time with each other. It stimulates her sexually and also tells her know what is in your mind.

Spend some time learning the ticklish spots of your partner and do your best to stimulate them, as it will her giggle and happy. You can even top them up with few wet and passionate kisses and feel her sensitive and beautiful parts.

Teasing helps to build the anticipation of what it going to come next. You can plant some erotic poems or write down you sexual fantasy for your partner and put them in his wallet or at the place where he can easily observe it. Imagine the shock on their faces when they open their bag and find your witty note. He will surely want to wind up his meetings immediately just to fulfil these fantasies for you.

Playing with Ice

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Ice acts as a great foreplay tool for sexual activities. Blindfold your partner and take the ice all over her body. In this way she will be completely at your mercy and you can have your wicked way desires fulfilled with her. You can pop an ice cube in your mouth and kiss your partner. The cool sensation of the ice and your hot breaths will make kissing even more exciting.

You can then kiss your way through your partner’s body till they are withering beneath you for more. If you and your partner are into kinky stuff, you can even make use of satin scarves to tie your partner along with feathers.

Talk Dirty and Strip Tease

In order to bring more spice into your relationship, you can indulge in some strip teasing activity. Go for this idea, if both of you are comfortable in performing it. Many people especially, those new in relationships might feel shy and embarrassed even if you suggest such ideas to her.

Pick up a chair and straddle it. Ask your partner to watch, while slowly and leisurely you begin to take off your clothes. Begin with the small stuff such as ties, scarves, socks or boots and finally with the major part of your clothing.

Your partner is surely to hyperventilate when you are finally done. You might even like to add soft music in the background as it will not allow outside sound to disturb you. Dirty talk always works wonders for both men and women. While indulging into foreplay, you can tell your partner, what you plan to do with them all night.

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