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Let Her Enjoy Her Sex Life All Over Again After Mastectomy

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Beside all the pains and trouble, the biggest concern for any woman, who has undergone a mastectomy, is the fear of rejection. She is neither ready to accept herself this way, nor does she think that her partner will be ok with it. Survival of course is a great concern, but even her come-back to a healthy sex-life can be a big question.

Of all the aspects that women are endowed with, breast is regarded as one of the most attractive, feminine, and arousing body part. They know very well that it’s their breast that arouses men the most. Hence, when a woman loses it, she loses all her confidence too, and there lies a fear that never again she is going to enjoy her sex-life.

At times, numerous women also decide to go for a breast reconstruction surgery in an attempt to regain what she has lost. However, such surgeries can only furnish them with a pseudo organ that would just be attractive under their clothes. In actuality, the look and feel yet is lost, and the fact remains that she is no more attractive in her upper body.

This physical and psychological dilemma needs to be dealt strongly. Hence, there can be few things that can help such women a lot in recovering from this state.

A Postoperative Counseling

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A postoperative counseling can always be a great helping hand in-fact a soothing therapy for a woman, who has undergone breast surgery. As a matter of fact, they need more and more of psychological support and counseling at such times.

It’s good that many hospitals itself have such support groups these days. Besides, there are also numerous professional counselors. Approaching the one recommended by a doctor or any social worker can always be a wise idea. Those professional counselors besides healing such women psychologically also furnish them with the confidence and will enjoy her sex life all over again.

Support Group of Women Who Have Already Undergone Mastectomy

It’s true that one, who has already suffered the same pain and trauma, can always be the best individual to support, console, and help you recover it. Hence, it’s always advisable for such women to accept the help of such support groups where the members themselves have undergone mastectomy.

They have already faced it, and have well dealt with this trauma. Hence, they can be of great help in letting a woman recover from the same trauma.

The Partner’s Support Above All

No matter how many counseling sessions she attends, how many women of such support groups she meets, it’s the support of her husband or her partner that matters the most. No one else can substitute it ever.

It’s mainly her partner’s responsibility to make her understand that she is still attractive, lovable, and has the same charm. He has always been with her, and would always be there, no matter whatsoever happens. You cannot deny the fact that the husband or partner can be the most significant part of the counseling process, with his kisses, hugs, touch and plenty of reassurance.

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