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What Can Kill Her Libido And How Can She Tackle It?

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“‘Honey, not tonight” and your man simply smiles and get to sleep on the other corner of the bed. It’s good that he is quite caring and understanding. However, if the same situation prevails for long, chances are that there would be a strain in your relationship.

Low libido has become an issue among today’s women, and also one of the significant reasons behind innumerable broken relationships. Hence, it’s always advisable to identify the underlying cause, and treat it as soon as possible. While there can be numerous reasons for a low libido in women, there are a few primary ones, and as a matter of fact it’s not that tough dealing with those.

Menopause Can ‘Pause’ It

A lot many hormonal changes take place in women during their post-menopausal period, and so are their consequences. Of those, the most significant one is declining in the production of women’s sex hormone. Besides, they also need to deal with vaginal dryness. Altogether, these can well contribute to a low sex drive in women. However, these can be dealt with very effectively and in quite simple ways.

As per the s-experts, using more and more of oil-based or water-based lubricants can always be effective for vaginal dryness that occur due to menopause. It would make the experience even more pleasurable and easy for you both. Besides, numerous women also prefer the hormonal replacement therapy or the HRT, to get rid of these issues. You don’t need much of artificial and external ways to deal with the issue.

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Above all, in most of the cases, menopause has been a time when the old lovebirds get a lot of privacy, since their children have grown and moved out. That makes you even more available for sex. Isn’t it? Why to forget that you are no more vulnerable to unintended pregnancy, and so you can enjoy all of ‘it’ freely without any concern.

So She Is A New-Mom

It’s been hardly few months since you got the great news of becoming a parent. Did you expect some ‘fun’ tonight? Probably, you would need to drop your idea. Why? C’mon, it was a tiring day for your woman. She had to do a lot to take care of the new baby, and herself. Do you think she is ready for any more ‘effort’? Besides, how could you forget the baby sleeping next to you? Won’t he wake up, with all those ‘noises’?

Not only these, numerous other valid reasons too can pose a great hurdle to your sex-life after childbirth. However, you need to deal with those with your conscious efforts. Ok, how about calling the grandparents to take care of your baby. Of course, they will love it a lot, and so will you.

If She Has Undergone Mastectomy or Hysterectomy

That can be the biggest threat to her libido and of course to your sex life. Experts advise, taking care of your partner, seeking for professional counseling, and also to let her meet more and more of women, who have already dealt with the same trauma.

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