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Why And How Can You Enjoy Your Sex Life The Most After Menopause?

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‘Menopause’, while most women heartily welcome it, few have never been happy accepting this change. This makes it quite clear that there are few upsides and downsides of menopause. Frequent mood swings, deliberating hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and other such symptoms aren’t that likeable. However, menopause also comes with advantages like you would be free from those ‘bad’ and ‘messy’ days of the month, and there would be no risk of unintended pregnancy.

On a different note, a woman need not worry about this great change. In-fact, menopause can be really enjoyed and used to your own advantage in numerous ways. Here’s how.

Say Bye To Those Messy Periods And Their Issues

Not all, but a great percentage of women have always complained about numerous issues like headaches, cramps, etc. during their periods. However, with menopause you can permanently get rid of all those pains and issues.

Most importantly, innumerable couples usually refrain from having sex, during those days of the periods. It can be the hygienic issue or due to other problems during those days that you might have never been willing to do it. However, with the onset of menopause, every day in every month can be a great one to enjoy a lovemaking session.

No More Concern For Unintended Pregnancy

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It’s quite true that no method of contraception assures 100 percent safety and prevents pregnancy. Hence, whether a couple has been using one or more contraceptive options, they always risk unintended pregnancy, and that always puts a damper on their enjoyment.

The situation changes a bit for a postmenopausal woman. She is able to enjoy sex, without any such concern, as she can’t get pregnant now. Believe it or not, but women usually blossom sexually, when such risks disappear.

So What If You Have Vaginal Dryness Then, You Have the Effective Ways to Tackle It

As a matter of fact, a woman’s body isn’t able to produce ample estrogen hormones, when she has attained menopause. Now, the biggest problem with that is she experiences vaginal dryness, and that can make sex a painful experience for her. Obviously, when there is no natural lubricant, intercourse will be quite uneasy, isn’t it?

Anyways, you always have effective ways to deal with this. All you need is a water-based or oil-based lubricant that is readily available in the market these days. You are free to apply a sufficient amount of these lubricants for making your sessions easy and enjoyable. There won’t be any vaginal dryness. Above all, since your clitoris is still sensitive, you can always experience orgasms. Doesn’t that sound really exciting?

Another very effective and usual way to tackle vaginal dryness is hormonal replacement therapy or the HRT. You will not need any artificial lubricant after the therapy. Anyways, it’s all a matter of personal preference and your gynecologist can advise you other options as per your health conditions.

Remember, menopause can always be enjoyed and your womanhood can always be celebrated.

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