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Are You Going Through The Phase Of Menopause?

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Every woman at some point of their lives has to go through menopause. One cannot escape it, but we do can find ways to go through this tough phase by following certain tips that will be explained in brief in the below article. Menopause is a phase when the ovaries stop the production of progesterone and estrogen in the body. This is a process of natural aging but can be quite frustrating for some women.

Myths Related to Menopause

Many women are of the belief that menopause is the end of their sexual lives. This is so not the case. There have been cases of many women who still enjoy healthy sex with their partners. The only difference will be that you will not be able to conceive kids in the near future. If you suffer from some medical condition in regard to sex, you can consult your doctor and they will guide you with the right treatment.

Another common myth that surrounds most women is that menopause will occur during the same time when the individual’s mothers had experienced it. This is why you might have come across women who have started fretting about their biological clock ticking away when they have reached their mid forties.

Symptoms of Menopause

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When the body starts to enter the menopause phase, the ovaries begin to start fluctuating, which in turn results in the production of less estrogen in the body. True menopause is accompanied by bouts of hot flashes, waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat.

Disturbances in sleep pattern are a common complain amongst many women. During this phase, men are advised to be patient, since women might experience drastic mood swings and will get depressed from the slightest ignorance from your side.

Other bodily symptoms include vaginal dryness, low libido levels, frequent need to urinate and sometime even urinary tract infections.

How Is Menopause Diagnosed

If you feel that you are facing the above symptoms that you might want to consult your doctor. Based on your medical history, the doctor will suggest the best treatment for you. Initially a blood test is conducted for measuring the FSH otherwise known as the follicle stimulating hormone levels in the body.

Many women resort to hormone replacement therapy, which is a treatment that can help to relieve the menopause symptoms in women. HRT can be taken in the form of creams, gels, tablets, patches or you can even opt for HRT implants.

HRT like any other treatment has its pros and cons. Some of the benefits of HRT include it helps improving a woman’s life during menopause. Secondly, it can also help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and rectum and colon cancer in women. Depending on your medically history and your comfort level, you can either opt for long term or short term therapy.

The cons in regard to HRT include chances of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer. It can even lead to strokes or heart attacks. Ensure that you share all information in regard to your health before going in for HRT.

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