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Low female libido

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Sex is a very important aspect of life without which our lives can be considered as incomplete. The relationships also depends a lot of the healthy sex life.

What this means is that both the partners will need to be sexually active in order to lead a good relationship. Female libido is very essential for a woman to lead a happy life. It is sexual drive or sexual urge in women.

Women lead a very healthy life if they have a balance female libido. The problem occurs when they start showing lowered sexual libido. It creates a big strain on her relationship with her man.

The relationships could crumble under the pressures of low female libido. It is recommended to establish the causes of the low female libido and to work upon the problem.

Low female libido can be caused by a lot of factors. There are 3 common factors which could result in low female libido in women. 

One of the causes of low libido is the physical condition of women. There could be various reasons for the poor physical conditions in women.

They could have physical injuries which impact their sex lives. They could have some disorders like the yeast infection which makes the sexual intercourse more painful.

If the women experience extreme pains due to infections or dryness they tend shy away from sex. This influences them psychologically which will result in gradual move toward the lowered low libido.

There could also be lowered libido stimulations during the pregnancy or the menopause. They could also be temporary in many cases.

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The second reasons for the low libido can be psychological reasons. This again is a complex factor whose reasons are slightly tricky to establish.

There could be stages in a woman's life when she loses her confidence in her own sexuality. This can be a serious threat to her sex life since it will end up in her low sexual libido.

Women could lose the confidence in their sexuality which is normally influenced by the external factors like the increase in stress. Stress is a killer and it takes a toll on human life, be it man or a woman.

It could cause lowered libido cases in both the sexes. Women are more affected since they have a bigger emotional factors attached to their sexualities.

Like already mentioned earlier, emotional stability is very important for a sex life in women. They have more anxious moments in their normal lives than what the men experience.

Their body undergoes a lot of changes even in their normal menstruation cycles which leave them anxious many times. Proper health and care is very vital for the women to have a stable sex life.

The third reason for the lowered libido can be medical reasons. The intake of medicine and synthetic chemicals could cause hormonal imbalance in women. This affects the proper secretion of their sex hormones which could cause the lowered female libido. 

Fortunately lowered female libido is not a permanent damage and it can be fixed with proper medical help and with the support of their men.

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