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What Is Perimenopause And How To Deal With It?

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Perimenopause is a gradual change that takes place in a woman’s life after a certain change. This is a change that prepares a woman’s body for menopause. Here the estrogen production slows down and many women might experience difficulty in coping up with this condition as the body undergoes certain physical changes too.

Signs Leading to Perimenopause

The symptoms of this condition might differ from one woman to another. While some might experience hot flashes or mood swings, others might experience depression or vaginal dryness and many more.

The first sign of perimenopause is irregular periods. Many women might experience changes in their menstrual cycles in regard to periods becoming lighter and shorter, heavier or longer or a combination of both.

Another common symptom that women might experience is difficulty in getting sleep. When the production of estrogen slows down, it leads to the releasing of chemicals from the brain that are responsible for the lack of sleeplessness.

Similarly many women might experience low libido levels and might always feel tired or depressed. Some other common symptoms might include tenderness in the genital and breasts.

Dealing with Perimenopause

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Dealing with perimenopause might be difficult for some, but if you brace yourself in advance for this condition, it might be as bad as it looks. All you need is to be mentally prepared for the changes and accept the changes that are going to take place in future.

Since you already know that you are suffering from perimenopause and your period is irregular, you might want to keep some sanitary napkins or tampons on hand at all times. You might never know when you might have use of them.

Maintain a calendar and record the dates, flow and length of your menstrual cycles. This will help you in having a better understanding of the changes that are occurring within you. If need be in the future, this information can also be shared with your doctor.

It is always better to maintain a healthy lifestyle and indulge in foods that can be good for the overall health of your body. Top it up with an exercise routine or yoga and it might help to keep perimenopause a few years away from your life.

Know what triggers your hot flashes and try to avoid indulging in such things. This might make things easier for you and reduce the number of hot flashes that you experience.

Treating Perimenopause

It is always better to consult your doctor and discuss your situation before you undertake medication for this condition. If you suffer from vaginal dryness while indulging in sex, the doctor might prescribe some cream or lubricants to make it easier for you.

Similarly if you experience the need to frequently urinate, then kegel exercise might help you have a better control on your bladder. Many doctors might even suggest hormone therapy after taking into consideration your symptoms and medical history.

In a nutshell we can say that perimenopause is a part and parcel of every woman’s life and it is better to accept it rather than think of it as a threat.

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