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Hold On! Isn’t It Too Early To Get Laid With Him

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What’s the big deal? You both have been in this relationship for long. It has been almost a year. Why can’t you take your relationship to the next level? O c’mon, it’s not that he is asking you to have sex after your first meet itself. Don’t you think, it would annoy him and add bitterness to your relationship to deny him sex now? Numerous such questions clutter a girl’s mind, after her guy requests her for having sex the first time, or after she thinks about introducing physical intimacy in her relationship for the first time.

Most of the things seem in favor of allowing it. You don’t find any reason to postpone the great ‘event’ anymore. Yet, somewhere inside, there is a “NO” that doesn’t allow you to jump to it now. What can be that, and what are the aspects that you actually need to give a thought to, before arriving at your decision then?

You Aren’t Emotionally Secured And Lack Faith In Him

There can be few signs like you being too possessive about him, or you are the jealous type. While these are few common feelings of most girls in a relationship, yet in a way too much of these can simply entail that you aren’t emotionally secured. You might lack faith in your guy.

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As a matter of fact, if a girl deals with such emotional insecurity or possessiveness about his guy, chances are high that she might think of introducing sex an effective way to ‘bind’ him. However, that can be your biggest mistake ever. You might end up with bitter consequences. Hence, it’s always advisable to avoid having sex, if you don’t feel that level of emotional security with him. To add to that, if you don’t find him trustworthy enough, it can also be a red signal.

One Of You Or Both Are Uncomfortable With The Idea

It can be like one of you or both feel that you guys are not ready for sex right now. Besides, there can also be other personal reasons to why one or both of you are not willing to initiate it right now. Ok, great, then just don’t do it. Don’t just give it up to the need of sex right now, and you both need to wait for that right time when you guys are comfortable with the idea. Don’t worry, as the right time will come soon.

If There Is Lacking That Necessary Closeness

Believe it or not, but there is indispensably required a level of intense closeness and love between the two partners, before they can introduce sex into their relationship. If that is not present, chances are high that having sex can end up with unfortunate consequences. There have always been numerous couples, who didn’t find it much interesting with their partners, and soon they gave up on them because of mere sexual dissatisfaction. Let that level of closeness, trust, and love come in your relationship, when things like physical contentment won’t matter much.

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