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If Every Time It’s Painful To Have Sex With Him

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For the first time, and possibly for a few more, it’s understood that having sex can be little painful. After all, losing virginity can’t usually be that painless for girls. However, if it’s every time a painful experience to have sex with him, it can be a sign of concern.

At times, girls send queries to s-experts as why they have always been feeling the pain while making love with their partners. They request for some suggestions on making it at least a painless experience, if not pleasurable. Here are a few.

Try Using More And More Of Lubricant

Of course, vaginas are accommodating, and can always adjust with size of penis in it. However, at times there can be issues, if your partner is too large. It means your system isn’t that compatible with your partner’s tool. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to stop having sex, from now onwards due to this reason. Instead, you have a very effective solution to this issue.

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Today, numerous water based and oil based lubricants are available in the market. You need to try those, in ample amount. Just use it on your partner’s tool before he gets inside you. If it’s painful even now, try putting some more of that gel. Soon, you would find that it’s much smoother and pleasurable now. C’mon, it’s the first time you can ask him for more and more thrusts.

Change Your Position

Now, that completely depends on your personal choice and your compatibility. Every couple has its own choice of sexual positions, in which they are most comfortable. Try figuring out the one for you, there are many poses to try. As a matter of fact, there are actually few sexual positions that are advised to guys with bigger tools, so that they don’t hurt their girls. Try doing a little of online research for the same, and to experiment with those. Soon, you both would end up with one that would be much more pleasurable without any pain.

Paying A Visit To Your Doctor

Although not so common, but yes in many cases the only reason behind painful sex can be any kind of physical issue or a vaginal infection. Hence, if in case you aren’t able to figure out the reason as why sex is painful for you every time, it’s advisable to pay a visit to the doctor today.

Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and many other such sexually transmitted diseases and infections can lead to vaginal odor, discharge, and painful sex. Besides, if these are left untreated, chances are high that the situation is going to worsen with every passing day. At times, out of shyness or discomfort, girls hesitate to visit a doctor for such reasons. They think it will automatically be resolved with time. However, that can be a regrettable mistake in the end. One needs to understand that for gynecologists and other such experts these are quite common things. Hence, they needn’t hesitate to discuss these with them.

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