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Kick Start Your Day With Morning Sex

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Morning sex is the best way to begin your day. Women usually are conscious about their looks when they get up in the morning, and many don’t like the idea of their partner having a glimpse of their tousled look. This article will help you in getting an insight on how to look great for morning sex, including some foreplay techniques that might come in handy.

Why Morning Sex is good

A great sexual relationship not only strengthens your bonding with your partner, but can also act as a great morale booster. One of the greatest benefits of morning sex is that it helps in burning down the calories. Half an hour of sex can burn up to 130 to 150 calories.

This is indeed great news for all women. It is a fact that morning sex on a regular basis helps to release chemicals and boosts the estrogens level. It improves the texture of skin and hair quality. In simple words, you can easily save money on beauty parlours.

Morning sex can do wonders to your body and mind. It helps in boosting the immune system and helps to fight back stress and other mental issues. You will not only feel refreshed, but will be energetic throughout the day.

Looking Presentable in the Mornings for Sex

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No matter what time of the day it is, women always want to look good and admired. After a hard night of passionate and steamy sex, you might want to go in for a repeat session, which is quite natural. It is necessary that you eat well and have energy to perform better for the new session.

Morning makeup is simple and easy to apply. You can apply a small amount of Vaseline to your lips and eyebrows making them look soft and glossy. Don’t forget to wash your face and brush your teeth. If you don’t have a makeup kit with up, because you visiting your partners place directly after the party, then use simple things to groom your looks.

Check what all things he has in his apartment and make the best use of them. Use the cream or a hair brush to polish your looks, before appearing in front of him. You can every try different hair styles, depending on the type of hair you have. Dab a little perfume under your arms and neck so that you smell nice for him. One major important fact is that you need to feel confident and go for the killing play.

Indulge in Foreplay

Now that you are confident, you might need to think of ways to wake your partner from his deep slumber. Cuddling is the best way to get a response. You can get closer to him and blow air into his ears. Slide you arms alongside his and intertwine your fingers.

Kiss your way deep into his mouth and he is sure to follow you in your foreplay method. Get to know his erotic zones and try to bring him to orgasm.

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