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And You Thought Being Chubby Or Skinny Isn’t That Attractive

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Isn’t it? No wonder, most ladies think the same way.

Of course, maintaining a good shape is a great thing. It makes you feel more confident about yourself, and you seem really attractive. However, does that mean that women who are quite chubby or skinny aren’t that likeable, and they can never be any guy’s choice?

You might have always thought so, and thus have always been obsessed about your body-weight. However, the fact is, it’s simply a misconception, and the biggest issue that you can ever have. Yes, having such a self-image, and treating yourself this way is a great problem in itself. It’s like, being unfair to your own-self.

Now, it might come as a surprise to you but as far as men are concerned, their choices vary, and of course they find even chubby or skinny women alluring. Hence, love yourself the way you are, just carry yourself well, and know the reality. You would conclude that even being skinny or chubby is attractive.

Accept and Love Yourself

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Does it matter that you have few extra inches on your waist, have saddlebags, or even worst one of your breast is bigger than the other? It does matter to you, right?

Let not that matter anymore. Accept and love yourself the way you are. You would possess the confidence needed, and exude sexual energy. Men are really fascinated to women who can carry themselves well, have the perfect body language, and feel sexy about themselves. Hence, it’s your own perception and the way you present yourself that matters.

Men, They Have Different Choices And Preferences

You never know. Hey! Just look at that guy at the corner, who is staring at you. He is a handsome hunk, isn’t he? I am sure he can easily date any woman he wants. You might be a little on the plump side, but he is surely giving you the some signals.

Different guys have different choices, and you simply can’t generalize their tastes in women. You might be surprised to know that he is one among many guys who like women with meat, and not a zero-figured woman. That makes you the perfect girl as per his choice. Now you know why guys have always been gazing at you.

Know The Reality

You aren’t alone, and a lot many women with great partners too have out-of-shape bodies like you. Just go to any shopping-mall, or any public place, you would find numerous such women with happy partners with them.

Yes, they are loved, and are treated special. Even you too have the beauty that guys would love to embrace. Hence, you needn’t have that fear of rejection. Know that numerous women like you are happy with their loving partners, and even you too are likeable.

Hence, you needn’t ever treat yourself with pity, nor have depression. Love yourself, for you are actually special, and one of the most beautiful creations of God. None else can be ‘you’, and you need to know it well.

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